Zhou Ming Technology invested in Shanghai Hanyuan to speed up the layout of lighting channels

[High-tech LED reporter Zhao Hui ] "Electronics as a sales channel, more of the role of brand promotion at this stage." Three months ago, Zhou Ming Technology, deputy general manager Liu Wei accepted "High-tech LED "The interview said that the sales of e-commerce channels is still not large.

Three months later, Zhou Ming Technology continued to exert its strength in the e-commerce channel.

On September 11, Zhouming Technology announced that the company recently signed the “Shanghai Hanyuan Lighting Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Equity Transfer and Capital Increase Agreement”, with its own cash of 4.84 million yuan to increase the capital, after the completion of the capital increase will be won With a total of 20.59% equity, the two parties will carry out in-depth strategic cooperation in technology research and development, product production, marketing and brand promotion to jointly expand the LED lighting market.

“Hanyuan Company is the leader in the field of LED lighting and e-commerce in China. From 2010 to 2012, it won the Tmall platform LED lighting sales champion for three consecutive years. In 2012, it won the Jingdong Mall LED lighting sales champion.” Zhou Ming Technology is responsible for e-commerce business. Mei Zhimin, the brand director, said that Chau Ming Technology is taking a look at Hanyuan’s leading edge and experience in e-commerce.

Mei Zhimin said that the short board of Hanyuan lies in the supply chain, and Zhou Ming can provide good products and cost-effective products for Hanyuan, so as to achieve the additive effect of complementary effects.

It is understood that Han was founded in 2005 and began to enter Taobao in 2009. From the initial LED light strip, the product line was gradually extended to LED bulbs, ceiling lamps and spotlights.

At present, LED online shopping has sprung up everywhere. The B2B and B2C websites have become important sales platforms for LED lighting products. Even some “first step” pure e-commerce LED companies such as Ao Duo and Han Yuan have developed into annual sales exceeding 100 million yuan. Quick winner." Therefore, e-commerce channels are increasingly valued by LED lighting companies.

“The initial investment cost of e-commerce is lower than the previous two, so it is more popular with LED companies.” Wu Yulin, president of Foshan Lighting Association, believes that by e-commerce platform, product prices must be very competitive.

When talking about whether or not to continue to increase the share of Hanyuan, Mei Zhimin said that it depends on the performance of Hanyuan and the strategic layout of the next step.

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