Zhongzhao Award: Beijing Deshengmen Tower and Overpass Night Lighting Project

The Beijing Deshengmen Tower and the overpass night lighting project won the second prize of the third Zhongzhao Lighting Award Lighting Engineering Design Award. Design and reporting unit: Beijing Pingnian Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Deshengmen Arrow Tower sits south facing north, with a height of 31.9 meters, brick and wood structure, gray tube tile, green cut edge, seven sides wide, heavy squatting mountain, front hall apse. The total area is about 1200 square meters and the depth is 12.2 meters. There are 82 arrow windows in front, back, left and right. The building is divided into four floors, with partitions and layers connected by stairs. The beams, columns, rafts and arches in the building are mainly green and green. There are such patterns as "Da Qing Yi Tong" and "Pu Zhao Qian Kun", which are drawn according to the Qing Dynasty Yawu ink color.

After the repair, the Deshengmen Arrow Tower, the front building and the rear building are all in one, the heavy wing corner proudly refers to the blue sky; the mountain corner, the gray tile roof, the green glass trimming, the colorful buckets, the scales, the green and the green , antique, showing a rigorous style, tenacity and temperament.

Deshengmen 001

Deshengmen 002