Zhongshan Lighting Total Sampling Unit Reduces One-third of Provincial Inspection Fees

Recently, the Zhongshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau adjusted the type test coverage table and sampling plan of the lighting products. After the adjustment, the total number of sampling units in Zhongshan lamps has been reduced from the original 144 to the current 46, and the company's inspection costs are only about two-thirds of the original.

On February 25th, Zhongshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued the “Circular on Adjustment of the Coverage Principles of Luminaire Products”. According to the principle of different product structures and applicable standards, the lamps are divided into several major categories, and the inspection and quarantine agency only needs to classify Send test. The list of multiple export product models covered by each category corresponds to the coverage table.

The new scheme type test of lamps and lanterns covers the principle of detecting applicable standards or structural characteristics. The lamps and lanterns products are divided into fixed lamps, portable lamps, recessed lamps, light strings, outdoor lamps, fish tanks and swimming pool lamps and special purposes. In the seven major categories such as lamps and lanterns, the total sampling unit has been reduced from the original 144 to the current 46, a substantial reduction of nearly a hundred, the sampling follows the principle of maximum risk, only selected for lamps of the same general category under a variety of names and specifications The most complex structure is used as a sample.