Zhongshan's first new "ID card" tractor on the road

Zhongshan Net News "Hey, this car has a card, there are turn signals, I have never seen it..." On the morning of the 28th, the Agricultural Consultation Center held in Tanzhou Town, the Agricultural Bureau of the City, a "unique" agricultural use. The tractor is of interest to farmers.

This tractor with the license plate number "Yue 2000051" is indeed "not a small one": it is the first agricultural tractor in our city that is licensed to take the road and receive a new driving permit according to the new "Road Traffic Safety Law". It is also the first in the city. The station is equipped with the first agricultural tractor with safety lighting and signalling functions. Its lighting and signal light devices are unique in our city, and similar devices have not been seen in China.

It is understood that in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the new "Road Traffic Safety Law", the tractors on the road must have three lights (ie, lights, turn signals and brake lights), and they must be licensed and complete. The licensing, registration, annual review, testing, and training of agricultural tractors are transferred from the public security traffic police department to the agricultural department. Due to the large vibration of the tractor and the unstable voltage, many tractor manufacturers tried various methods, but most of the three lamps were unsuccessful. The Zhongshan Agricultural Machinery Office cooperated with Shanghai Yidian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. After more than one year of scientific research and experimentation, the light-emitting diode was used as the light source, and the three-lamp device of the tractor was successfully developed.

Mai Runjin, director of the Agricultural Mechanization Office of Zhongshan City, said that this safety lighting device has greatly improved the safety of driving. Its innovation is mainly to overcome the problem of the swaying of the tractor and the difficulty of burning the bulb. It is a new breakthrough. "We use new technology, how the car vibrates well, can guarantee that 50,000 to 80,000 hours will not burn the bulb. This lamp plays an important role in the safe driving, safe production and safe management of the tractor." At present, the technology of the tractor is preparing for patent application, and the tractor equipped with three lamps is also in mass production.

Author: Reporter / Lai Yousheng