Zhang Yutao: Low-key work for high-profile people

The happiest thing: I heard someone say "Three Heroes? Aurora is very good."
What I want to do most: Let Sanxiong? Aurora products enter thousands of households.
Motto: Low-key people, high-profile work.

I hope that everyone will continue to support Sanxiong? Aurora

Reporter: Mr. Zhang, congratulations on your election as "the top ten outstanding figures in China's first lighting industry", how many words can you say to everyone?
Zhang Yutao: I am very happy to be able to look for the top ten outstanding figures in China's lighting industry. I would like to use the corner of Guzhen Lighting News to express my heartfelt gratitude to friends from all over the country for their support of me and Sanxiong? Aurora. As always, everyone supports me and supports Sanxiong? Aurora.

Product positioning has nothing to do with funding

Reporter: I know that Mr. Zhang has always been very low-key and always reluctant to talk about personal issues. Then we will talk about the topic of Sanxiong? The Aurora brand itself is good. On January 6, 2004, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine held a national inspection-free product certification conference in Beijing, and announced the list of national inspection-free products and their production enterprises in 2003. Among them, Sanxiong Aurora Lighting was honored to receive the “Product Quality Exemption Certificate”. It has become the first lighting company in the lighting industry to obtain exemption qualifications for both lighting and energy-saving lamps. It is really not easy. Can you talk about your feelings when you hear this news?
Zhang Yutao: Very calm. Since the establishment of Sanxiong Aurora Lighting in 1991, we have been developing and producing high-quality, high-grade green energy-saving lighting products. During the period, the company developed two series of products, indoor and outdoor, with more than 2,000 varieties. But no matter what product we produce, we will not forget that “quality is the life of the product” seems simple and profound.
Reporter: At present, many small and medium-sized lighting companies have chosen to do first, and then, after accumulating a certain amount of funds, they will launch a new brand. And Sanxiong? Aurora insisted on the high-end product line from the day it was founded. Was your starting capital particularly strong?
Zhang Yutao: To be honest, in China, every private enterprise has encountered financial problems when it first started. Our three heroes are also no exception. But what kind of product positioning to choose, which is mainly related to the business guiding ideology of the company leader. In order to ensure the best quality of our products, we have established a high-quality professional technical team with more than 200 college graduates. Engineers from different fields such as electronics, optoelectronics, hardware machinery, plastics, etc. are in charge of technology development, raw material procurement, Production control, quality control, process improvement, product after-sales service and other departments to ensure product quality and pursue improvement every year. Moreover, all new product developments have been carefully designed, repeatedly tested, and subjected to rigorous design review and third-party certification before small-scale production trial sales, only mass production and sales after consumer approval. On the surface, the operating costs of enterprises are relatively high, but at the same time we do a good job in the management of enterprises, reducing a lot of unnecessary material loss, and operating costs will be reduced. It should be said that this is the basic condition for the sound development of enterprises.
Reporter: When it comes to material loss, everyone wants to know how you control the materials when they enter the factory. In addition, in order to ensure that high-quality products enter the market, what investment do you make on production equipment and testing equipment?
Zhang Yutao: In order to ensure the quality of raw materials, all products are made of raw materials from well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers, and key components are imported components. Each material has strict procurement and inspection standards. In order to produce high-quality products, the company has introduced internationally advanced production equipment such as imported wave soldering machine, high-speed punching machine, large-scale CNC bending machine and CNC punching machine at cost. At the same time, the production process is carried out in strict accordance with the ISO9002 standard. Each process is strictly controlled by IPQC, and the products can be stored in the warehouse after being tested and approved by OQC. In order to implement the responsibility to the person, a work card must be filled in for each procedure. In the entire quality management work, the company strictly implements the ISO9002 quality system standard and introduces a large number of advanced experimental and testing equipment, such as high and low temperature experiment boxes, spectrum analyzers, high-precision photometers measured by the national level, and magnetic materials computers. Analyzer, impact tester, etc. It is our spirit of meticulous quality and strict control for Sanxiong? Aurora Lighting has won the trust and support of customers in the market.

Let end consumers understand Sanxiong? Aurora

Reporter: Although Zhang is very low-key, but the work is still very high-profile! In addition to good product quality, in the promotion of brand image, you are also like other well-known brands, please image spokesperson, and is a heavyweight in the diving world - Xiong Ni. Can you tell us about Sanxiong? What is the main reason for Aurora to choose Xiong Ni?
Zhang Yutao: Xiong Ni is a diving star. We have high hopes for him. Please ask him to be the three heroes. The image spokesperson of Aurora is to hope that he can become a booster for a new step in the enterprise. Because the market competition is very fierce, after joining the WTO, foreign large enterprises will soon enter the Chinese market. Although Sanxiong? Aurora is highly recognized in the industry, the end consumers do not know enough about our products, so they decided to enable them. Consumers recognize familiar stars as spokespersons.
Reporter: I heard that your advertising budget did not have an image spokesperson at all. Is this a bit sudden?
Zhang Yutao: Yes. At that time, when I was advertising the budget, I didn’t plan for the star. Later, the perfect national sales network and after-sales service network were established. I also received export orders. We felt that the time was right for the show. So I decided to ask Xiong Ni to make the products wide. And tell it. Of course, the reward of the star makes the budget overrun, but it is not serious. Xiong Ni’s remuneration accounts for less than 20% of the entire budget. Dongsong Sanxiong Co., Ltd. has been established for 10 years, with an annual growth rate of more than 50%. Now that the base is large, it is necessary to increase investment in order to maintain the growth rate. The cooperation with Xiong Ni is to ensure such growth.

Pioneering and innovative, forge ahead

Reporter: There are two kinds of "earnings" in the world. One is what everyone usually calls "making money," and the other higher level is "making money." If the product is the former, then the establishment of corporate culture should belong to the latter. Every successful company will have a very healthy and up-to-date corporate culture. Can you tell us about Sanxiong? What is the core of the corporate culture of the Aurora brand?
Zhang Yutao: You are very reasonable. If you want to say that Sanxiong? Aurora's corporate culture core, I can simply sum up: pioneering and innovative, forge ahead, and strive to provide more quality products and better services for the majority of users. Because of this, in addition to the emphasis on product development, production, sales and quality management, we also regularly publish corporate culture internal magazines, so that the company's internal communication is smooth, but also as a link to agents. In order to ensure employees have full enthusiasm for work, we continue to enrich employees' spare time, strengthen employees' physical exercise, hold employee sports games every year, and hire experts to conduct various internal trainings for employees, all in order to provide employees with overall quality. To ensure that employees wholeheartedly provide users with better products and better services. (Reporter Lu Zuhui, reporter of the newspaper)

Character impression

Mr. Zhang Yutao’s low profile is notorious for people. Although Sanxiong? Aurora is already a well-known brand in the lighting industry, especially in the field of engineering lighting, so far, he has rarely received media interviews. I remember that during the Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition in June last year, Mr. Zhang Yutao also took a trip to the Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. When the reporter pointed his camera at him, he subconsciously avoided it. He ignored the reporter and he slipped out of the pavilion at the fastest speed. Open Mr. Zhang’s business card, there is no mobile phone number at all. When the reporter called the company to inquire, I got an answer like this: I don't know.

Source: Lighting Vision