Zhang Haijun: Cableway King builds LED industry chain

Zhang Haixuan said that I have made the three special cableway the first in the country in 10 years. In the same 10 years, the optical valley LED industry has to become the first in the country. Zhang Haijun's "making money" is a must for private enterprises to learn to connect with international capital. Zhang Haijun is very aware of the "intellectual property protection awareness." He does not want to disclose the content, he will smile with "诀窍" to resist, but he still accidentally revealed some. Many private enterprises in Guanggu complained in front of the city leaders and said that it is not good for financing. The city leaders suggested that they go to find Zhang Haijun. "He has a way to make money and have a set." Zhang Haijun said that his path is to go out and ridicule money in the international capital city. Industrial capital must be connected with international capital. The traditional domestic thinking is that investors will ask "how much do you have to do this?" In the international capital market, relying on a good business plan "relationship", there will be a group of funds to follow you. Zhang Haijun's management details to create a corporate spirit, venture capital investment company in the words of Zhang Haijun is "playing money", how to control the enterprise and Participating companies are very important. Optics Valley Ventures has a strict system. In the company, if employees encounter Zhang Haijun for the first time, they must stand up and pay tribute. Zhang Haijun said that this is borrowed from the military and must be formed by employees. Who is responsible for it. The LED industry has a lot of links with foreign-funded enterprises. Although the tipping fee is an "international convention", when a venture capital driver picks up a foreign merchant, no one dares to take a tip because "take one and open one." Whether a company has hope, just look at its ethos, and look at its management. He creates management details and spares no effort. Miss's company introduction, all Chinese and English are backed down, not allowed to be wrong; employees must wear a tie to work, realize that they are at work. In the company management system, there are a lot of penalties, no reason to speak. Small details develop " "The positive atmosphere", to achieve the prohibition of the line, the promotion of big decisions is easy. Zhang Haijun's point of view is to set the target company responsible person should pay attention to one thing: set the real and feasible goals, and decomposition, and very Reasonable and clear plan. When I don't have the advanced things and can't set goals, I should retire. Which company will have no setbacks? Zhang Haijun said that there are only two kinds of men who will cry, or they have great ambitions like Liu Bei, or It’s not a man! The founder of the three special ropeway, Zhang Haijun, is an iron fist. “I play with my own life and let them play for life.” He “does not talk about humanity” during working hours. New employees must prepare a lot of money in the first three months: female The staff hangs on the forehead and punishes; the toilet does not flush, the penalty; the man does not wear a tie at work, or a penalty. "More money, is also a "Zhang Haijun's ideal of life is not to be a rich man, but to do things that others have not done. It is enough to do the most important two things in life. "In the past ten years, I have done the ropeway and achieved the nation's first; For ten years, I have done LEDs, and I have to do this industry in Optics Valley. "He speaks loudly and makes people feel confident."

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