Zarlink meets the standard demodulator in the DTV market

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Zarlink today introduced the industry's first terrestrial DTV demodulator that is fully compliant with the demanding NorDig Unified Specification 1.0.2 standard. With an on-chip RF signal strength indicator and digital IF filter, the ZLÔ10353 device further enhances the performance of Zarlink's market-leading MT352 demodulator, allowing customers to further reduce the cost and board space of their digital TV equipment designs.

Zarlink is the number one supplier of terrestrial DTV demodulators, delivering more than four million MT352 chips in 2004 alone. The ZL10353 is a “direct” replacement for all current MT352 applications and will continue to offer the industry's lowest working and standby power consumption, the fastest DVB-T (terrestrial digital video broadcasting) “blind and automatic recapture”.

The device can be mounted directly to any PCB (printed circuit board) designed with the MT352. The board is fully functional with a simple software upgrade.

The ZL10353 chip offers maximum flexibility for use in a wide range of digital entertainment devices, including STB (Set Top Box), TNIM (Terrestrial Interface Module), Handheld, PVR (Personal Video Recorder) and DVB-T terrestrial signals. PC-TV computer card/module.

The digital IF filter integrated on the ZL10353 demodulator eliminates the need for a switching bandwidth SAW (surface acoustic wave) filter in the tuner design. This feature allows the use of a single filter to receive 6, 7 or 8 MHz (megahertz) channels, thus reducing the total material count and saving board space.

The product also includes an RF signal strength indicator that allows the TV signal strength to be downloaded and read directly from the receiver box. Users can detect ground signal faults when setting up or using a TV set for a clearer, more satisfying TV viewing experience without the need for expensive carrier repair services.

The ZL10353 device has the industry's lowest power consumption and consumes less than 300 mW (milliwatts) in typical applications. It has a “sleep” pin that reduces the chip's power consumption by up to 1000x when the device is not in use, helping manufacturers meet the power-reduction indications and the stringent power requirements of handheld and PC-TV devices.

The ZL10353 has a wide operating temperature range from -10 to +80 degrees Celsius for greater reliability in more demanding user environments.

Zarlink's new demodulator is available now. The ZL10353 device is available in a compact 64-pin LQFP (low-profile quad flat package) and measures only 10 x 10 mm.

The ZL10353 datasheet can be obtained from the 21IC device search at