Yuan Zongnan: The feeling of lighting to give people a "home" (Figure)

Yuan Zongnan, a famous lighting designer in Taiwan, “Lighting design is not physics. Lighting design emphasizes creating atmosphere. Lighting should give people the feeling of 'home.'” Yesterday, Taiwan’s famous lighting designer Yuan Zongnan said when talking about Xiamen’s LED night scene. Xiamen should plan the night view of the city and combine the high-tech and culture of LED to make a boutique. Xiamen-Taiwan cooperation has a common basis to talk about the cooperation between Xiamen and Taiwan in the LED industry. Yuan Zongnan believes that Xiamen and Taiwan share common grounds in culture, belief, and language. Xiamen should quickly seize Taiwan’s outward transfer of production bases. Opportunity, and strive to transfer Taiwan’s production base to Xiamen to bring technology from the United States and Japan. As long as the LED industry's upper, middle and lower reaches are mastered, and brands with independent innovation and high technology will not be subject to foreign manufacturers such as Sony. He said that the mainland should show its own advantages and cooperate with Taiwan. It is believed that the 21st century must be the century on both sides of the strait. Lighting design can bring wealth Yuan Zongnan said that LED is a high-tech industry. In addition to making the city beautiful, lighting design must retain culture, culture and high technology to create fine products. This is a business opportunity and will bring to local residents. Come to wealth. Lighting design can also bring travel, which is the philosophy that Yuan Zongnan has always practiced. Yuan Zongnan once designed a lighting landscape for the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an. The surrounding 2000 households had to move out. Yuan Zongnan asked to build 2,000 shops around the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. The lighting design of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda allows visitors to see only 5 minutes of lighting in the hour. If you want to see the next mockery, you can only wait for coffee in the nearby store. So, not only has it been solved. The problem of the life of the nearby residents has greatly increased their income. Yuan Zongnan used this example to illustrate his "lighting economics." Lighting design or management. In the past few years, Yuan Zongnan has participated in many continents and Taiwan as well as foreign countries. The design of the lighting. He lamented that the light is not just to light up, but to attract people. "The crowd usually appears from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, and there is no need to light all the lights before and after. . When Yuan Zongnan was doing the lighting design of the building, he paid great attention to the changes and adjustments of the time period, and also coordinated with the surrounding residential areas. Yuan Zongnan once calculated that lighting design for buildings in different time periods can save 58% of electricity. Lighting is not just aesthetics, but management. "Xiamen wants to plan the night view of Xiamen to see the night scene on Zhongshan Road. Yuan Zongnan laments that there are so many cultural monuments in Xiamen, so beautiful, can the cultural center, commercial center and administrative center be unique, it should be comprehensive To consider and plan. The night scene of Xiamen gives him the most impressive impression of Zheng Chenggong next to Gulangyu. "The original beautiful places in Xiamen should be well planned so that people can see its different changes within five hours of the night. When talking about how to design, Yuan Zongnan said that lighting design should achieve energy-saving effect with time control, and consider the scale of people and streets, and be good at using lighting silhouettes to present.


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