Yiwu City Road Lighting and Night Lighting Management Measures

The first chapter of the general provisions of the first article to strengthen the city's road lighting and night lighting construction and management, effectively control the effect of urban night lighting, combined with the actual situation of Yiwu City, the formulation of these measures. Article 2 The road lighting referred to in these Measures refers to the street lighting of the urban main and secondary roads and the urban and rural roads. Urban night lighting refers to building (structure) lighting, square lighting, park lighting, bridge lighting, public green lighting, advertising lighting and public decorative lighting. Article 3 The Municipal Power Supply Bureau is entrusted by the municipal government to be responsible for the construction and management of road lighting and night lighting within the city. Its main functions are: 1. Responsible for the daily maintenance of road lighting facilities and government investment lighting projects within the scope of Yiwu City. 2. Maintenance management work; 2. Responsible for organizing the plan for the construction of new urban road lighting construction approved by the municipal government; 3. Responsible for compiling the urban road lighting renovation plan and organizing and implementing it; 4. Responsible for the road within the scope of Yiwu City Safety operation, maintenance and supervision of lighting facilities; 5. Participation in the completion and acceptance of road lighting facilities in the city, reporting and receiving electricity and file transfer and receiving management; 6. Responsible for the initial review of urban road lighting final accounts, and lighting project design commission fees (pre-) calculation of the commission, final review and exercise of management; 7, responsible for the implementation of urban road lights, night lighting unified monitoring; 8, responsible for government property road lighting and night lighting facilities asset management; Migration and demolition of urban road lighting facilities; Fourth All towns, streets (communities) and relevant departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, do a good job in the construction and management of road lighting and night lighting in the city. Chapter II Planning and Construction Article 5 The construction of night lighting and lighting in the city shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the overall planning of urban night lighting, following the principles of unified planning, unified standards, simultaneous construction, and standardized management. Article 6 The planning, design and construction of urban night lighting and lighting projects must comply with the relevant design and installation regulations. New light sources, new technologies and new equipment should be actively adopted to make the overall effect meet the requirements of urban landscape. Article 7 The municipal construction department shall, in conjunction with the power supply department, incorporate the lighting decoration of the building as the planning and design conditions into the scope of the design review of the plan, so that the night lighting project and the main body of the building are designed synchronously, synchronously, and simultaneously completed and accepted. Article 8 Urban lighting facilities shall be coordinated with the urban landscape and the surrounding environment. The urban road lighting facilities that need to be reconstructed or replaced shall be prepared by the Municipal Power Supply Bureau, and the specific plan for the transformation shall be proposed. After being approved by the municipal government, it shall be organized and implemented by the Municipal Power Supply Bureau. Article 9 Funds for the construction of urban night lighting and lighting projects shall be raised through multiple channels. Urban road lighting project should be integrated into the urban road construction supporting project plan, and the construction fund should be borne by the road construction owner; the road lighting project in each town, town and industrial zone should be included in the regional development planning and road construction supporting project plan, construction The funds are included in the project construction investment budget plan. The road lighting project in the real estate development residential area is included in the comprehensive supporting project of real estate development, and the construction cost is borne by the project development owner; the construction cost of the road lighting project for the newly built residential area of ​​non-real estate development is borne by the household. The city has extensively explored bridges, parks, public green spaces, and public decorative landscape lighting projects in accordance with the principle of who invests and pays. The night lighting project construction shall be carried out on the completed building (structure) building, which belongs to the operating property rights unit. The construction funds shall be raised by the operating property rights unit; the non-operating property rights unit or individual property rights shall be provided by the Municipal Power Supply Bureau according to the year. The lighting plan proposes a budget plan, which is approved by the municipal government and is funded by the municipal finance. The night lighting project of the building (structure) is unified and organized by the Municipal Power Supply Bureau.

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