Yanglin Electronics launches ultra low cost, high efficiency LED power driver chip YL712X

In recent years , the market penetration of LED lighting has increased year by year, and it has quickly replaced traditional lighting with high energy consumption and short life. What is the most important factor affecting the rapid replacement of traditional lighting by LED lighting? Yes, it is the price! It is the price! Still the price! The YL712X series chip launched by Yanglin Electronics helps customers reduce the cost of led power supply with few external components and ultra-low cost.

The typical application schematic of the YL712X series chip is as follows:


Figure 1


Figure II


Figure III

We can see that the YL712X application has few external components, and it can achieve high efficiency and high precision constant current drive with only 8 external components. It is especially suitable for bulb/filament lamp applications with a full range of input voltages up to 9V from 85Vac to 265Vac. Minimal circuit (BOM cost around $1) and extremely small power supply size (easy to fit in the E27 lamp holder) make it the best alternative to resistive buck, with higher current accuracy, higher reliability, and consistent batch Better, especially suitable for large-scale production.

In order to balance the cost and appearance of the bulb, the power supply compartment of the bulb is getting smaller and smaller. The narrow power supply box space is not conducive to heat dissipation, which will result in high temperature inside the chamber, which will affect the reliability and life of the power supply. In response to this problem, the YL712X series chip integrates the lower Rdson power MOSFET of the same type of IC on the market, and in order to avoid the phenomenon of high temperature flashing, the IC also has the function of overheating and lowering the LED current, effectively protecting the power supply and increasing the reliability of the power supply.

In addition to the TO-92 and SOT-23-3 packages for low power applications, the YL712X family of chips offers the unique SOT223 package ICs for larger power applications: YL7124 and YL7125. They are especially suitable for ceiling lamps, T-tubes and bulbs up to 20W.

The following are the features of the YL712X series IC:

Buck structure

2. Wide voltage input

3. Working in quasi-resonant critical conduction mode

4. Internal integrated 500V power tube

5. ±5% LED output current accuracy

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