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——Interview with Xu Wenpeng, Managing Director of Shenzhen Grid Power / Lu Ben Your actions are influential, and it will directly affect your future development trajectory and the degree of social recognition. ——Xu Wenpeng

Twenty-five years ago, when a teenager was riding a bicycle through the Guangdong Hemisphere Group, he couldn’t help but stop to look at the door of the hemisphere group. I thought, if I can work in the hemisphere group, how many years later? This young man came to Shenzhen alone and devoted himself to the torrent of work at the forefront of reform and opening up. Twenty-five years later, the weak champion boy of that year has become the managing director of Shenzhen Chuangxing Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. In the interview with reporters, from his excited eyes, he still can feel the passionate burning years of the year. The toughness and calmness of a generation after the baptism of fate.
He was born in 1969. He was born in an ordinary rural family in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province. He was unable to participate in the re-reading due to family conditions. At the age of 16, he passed the university by 2 points. I believe that people born in the same year have a common desire. As Xu Wenpeng said: "It was a time when there was a shortage of materials. I was born in the countryside. I was especially envious of the peers who worked in the factory. I thought if It would be great if I could have such a job."
In 1986, at the initial stage of China's reform and opening up, Shenzhen, as a window for China's reform and opening up, can be said to be a thousand miles away. At this time, Xu Wenpeng, with a longing for a better life and a sincere and eager to learn from the heart of the heart, like a good breed met a suitable soil and began to thrive. When I first arrived in Shenzhen, I was engaged in hydropower installation, and the monthly income exceeded 4,000 yuan, but Xu Wenpeng did not satisfy the status quo. He said: "Since my father told me to do things in a down-to-earth manner, it is impossible to be a master." It was because of the influence of his father that Xu Wenpeng gave up his monthly income of 4,000 yuan and entered Hong Kong Ruihong Group to make a 240 yuan. Ordinary skilled workers with monthly salary. At the same time, he also got his wish to enter the Shenzhen University to charge. While learning and working, combining theory and practice, from an ordinary technician to the head of the company's production technology, the ability to produce management level has also been accumulated, which laid a solid foundation for the creation of Shenzhen Grid. With the rapid development of China's economy, Xu Wenpeng at this time felt that this was a golden opportunity to start a business, so his idea of ​​starting a business began to sprout in his heart. But at that time, subject to their own network resources and start-up funds, this can only be a dream.
The opportunity to be good at the moment is always reserved for those who are prepared. In 1992, an occasional opportunity, Xu Wenpeng was invited to work in the Security Office of the Party Committee of Sungang Street, Luohu, Shenzhen. Due to his outstanding work performance and steady style of work, Xu Wenpeng was praised by the unit leaders. At this time, Xu Wenpeng’s long-awaited business plan began to appear. He saw the deepening of the country's reform and opening up at that time, and the demand for hardware and electrical products in the society continued to increase. So, after he exchanged his thoughts with the unit leaders, the leadership was very supportive. In 1995, with the support of the unit leaders, Xu Wenpeng founded the Shenzhen Wuyang Hardware and Electrical Appliances Store as a managing director. Xu Wenpeng said: "Everyone must do everything in a serious way. You must know that what you do is influential. It will directly affect your future development trajectory and the degree of social recognition of you. ”
In 1998, with the continuous expansion of the market, Xu Wenpeng, who was born in technology, once again made efforts to target the Chinese lighting market, which was still in its infancy, and founded Shenzhen Yechuangxing Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd., who served as managing director. Xu Wenpeng said that the work of the hardware store in the early stage gave him a lot of help. He learned about the market of China's hardware and electrical appliances market in a few years. From then on, he found that the Chinese lighting market would be an infinitely large market. He started with familiar projects and started to develop a series of human intelligent sensor switch products. After a product launch on the market, after more than two years of research, the development strategy led by the lighting industry began to be established at the end of 2000.
Sincerely won the market in the market after nearly nine years of development, Xu Wenpeng has won the "Guangdong outstanding young entrepreneurs", "Shenzhen Lighting Association Vice President" and other honorary titles, and Shenzhen EA has also entered the track of rapid development. At present, 8 self-contained logistics centers such as Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Beijing, Fuzhou, Shandong and Jiangsu have been successfully established, and the total sales volume of these self-designed logistics centers accounts for 75% of the total sales volume in the domestic market. Xu Wenpeng said that these logistics centers are the marketing companies of karma. Each branch has the power to operate independently. The branch managers basically have more than 5 years of working experience in karma. The author laughs, this mode of operation has a lot of economic risks, are you not afraid? Xu Wenpeng said with great confidence that 80% of the logistics staff in the marketing center are related to money, but karma is a place where talents can be cultivated. Over the years, they have been immersed in the ethical culture and stand upright. Electricity is the quality of the talent, the external market will be so strong.
Yes, Xu Wenpeng is serious about doing things, treating others sincerely, and winning the most important network for him. In the entire interview, Xu Wenpeng said one thing, which makes people recollect. He said: "In Shenzhen, the company has a strict post system and treats everyone equally, but the reward and punishment system is very humane. For example, if employees have a late arrival or early leave, the industry will not directly impose a fine, but set up a Donation boxes, according to the company's system regulations, the corresponding penalties, and the fines paid by the company are not taken, all donated to those who need help."

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