Xiamen City Night Lighting Management Regulations

The first one is to formulate these regulations in order to create a beautiful, civilized and prosperous city night scene and give full play to the overall effect of nightscape lighting to beautify the appearance of the city. The second ring, the lake, Gulangyu, Zhongshan Road, Lujiang Road buildings, scenic spots, roads, bridges and other places and Shigushan overpass, Xiamen Bridge, Takasaki International Machine Tasting Martyrs Monument, etc., for landscaping, decoration These regulations are applicable to all kinds of outdoor lighting that are promoted. Article 3 The night scene lighting shall be constructed and managed in accordance with the principle of “unified planning, owners' commitment and implementation of responsibilities”, and shall be coordinated and coordinated by the municipal management office, and the relevant units shall actively cooperate. Article 4 promotes the setting and opening of night lights outside the scope of Article 2 of these Regulations. Newly built high-rise buildings must be equipped with night lights. Article 5 The setting of night scene lighting should be diversified, and each color and shape can have its own characteristics. However, the light intensity, color and shape of the night lighting should not be similar to the controlled or special-purpose lighting to avoid confusion. Article 6 The night scene lighting must be illuminated according to the following regulations: (1) Gulangyu, Zhongshan Road, Gaoqi International Machine Taste Ring? The hotel, hotel, dining and entertainment venues of the lake, the building with night lighting, Lubin Road, and Lakeside South Road. The night lights of Huzhong Bridge, Hudong Bridge, Shifu Avenue North and South Bridge, Xidi, Bailuzhou, Nanhu Park, Martyrs Monument, etc., should be lit every night; (2) Offices and enterprises in the ring lake Night lights of buildings, office buildings, Shigushan overpass, Xiamen Bridge, etc., during the weekends, holidays and major events, lighting at night; (3) Night lights of residential buildings and apartment buildings, during holidays and major events, at night To light up. Article 7: The night scene lighting time: from May 1 to October 31, 7:30 to 11:30, and from November 1 to April 30, from 6:00 to 10:00. The setting unit of the night light can be turned on in advance and the light is turned off late. Article 8 In organizing major city-wide events or welcoming important internal and external guests to temporarily open night lights, the organizer shall submit a written application to the General Office of the Municipal Party Committee or the General Office of the Municipal Government. Upon approval, the General Office of the Municipal Party Committee or the General Office of the Municipal Government shall notify City City Management Office unified arrangements. Article 9 The night scene lighting power shall be measured by combining the special electricity meter with the approved electricity base. The application is made by the setting unit of the night scene lighting. After confirmation by the city management office, the electric power department is required to set up a special electric meter. If it is difficult to set up a special electric meter, the electric power department shall verify the electricity consumption after the city management office confirms with the electric service department. Cardinality. Article 10 The night lighting power consumption shall be charged according to the non-residential lighting electricity consumption (except for commercial advertising lighting), and the expenses shall be borne by the setting unit of the night lighting. Each setting unit shall not convert the night lighting power into other uses. Offenders shall be punished by the electric power department in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Electricity Law. Article 11 The city management office shall strengthen the inspection and supervision of the night scene lighting. Each setting unit shall be specially managed by the night lighting, and regularly repaired, maintained and updated. In case of malfunction or damage, it should be repaired in time to ensure that the night scene lighting is safe, intact and operating normally. Article 12 All units and individuals shall take good care of the night scene lighting and its facilities, and deal with the destruction and theft of night lights and their facilities. Article 13 These Provisions shall come into force as of the date of promulgation. Xiamen Municipal People's Government