White Valentine's Day must-have handmade heart-shaped lamp

Romantic lovers can't miss Valentine's Day, but my mind, I accidentally missed it... but don't worry too much, isn't there 314 white Valentine's Day, hurry up in this "post-knowledge" lover The node lights up your film really.

Pure manual labor has begun. There is not much technical difficulty. It is to be careful, to test aesthetics, logic and knife.

1 Tools and materials


● Engraving knife, the cutter head is easy to break, but it does not matter, it does not affect the use, it is best to change a blade after a period of time, so that it is easy to cut.

● Drawing pencil

● Electric iron 35w or 50w can be

● Scythe


ABS board, thickness of about 1mm.


Wire with a diameter of about 1.2mm


Silver wire with a diameter of 0.7mm

Model glue

SMD LED lights, blue and white (red price is expensive...)

2 carved heart-shaped base


First, use a pencil to draw a large heart shape on the ABS board about 5*5.5, and then use a knife to pull it out. I use an ABS board of about 1mm. It is not very thick. It can be worn without any use. Basically, basically Engraved to half the depth, and then you can kneel down with your hands.

The frame of the heart is engraved along the inner edge of the cut heart (approximately 5 mm wide).



Cut the inner heart shape as the base. Then use a knife to open a small rectangular groove at the appropriate point of the heart-shaped base tip, insert the tip of the heart-shaped frame into it, and fix it with glue.

3 Building a heart-shaped pedestal


The wire is respectively concave into the shape of the two sides of the heart, the left side as the positive electrode and the right side as the negative electrode.


Use a knife to open a rectangular slot at the appropriate point of the heart-shaped base tip, insert the tip of the heart-shaped frame, and then fix it with glue.

Behind the heart-shaped square opening of the ground, that is, the rear of the heart-shaped frame is hinged with a brick to turn a hole in the left and right, and the bent iron ring is respectively rotated through the heart-shaped base, connected to the positive and negative electrodes of the battery compartment, and used The soldering iron is welded firmly. The battery compartment should be the one that is placed on the side of the battery. Do not choose the one that is placed in the battery from above. Use the model glue to secure the battery compartment to the base. Since the battery compartment is plastic, the model glue can be well adhered.

After soldering and sticking, pour the joint with silica gel and increase the firmness index again.

4 Carved and shining hearts

As with the previous big heart cutting method, first draw a heart shape of 1.3*1.4mm on the ABS board with a pencil, then engrave it with a knife, and the rest will be engraved.

I engraved 6 of them, 3 on the front and back, the number can be determined according to preferences, but too much can not be put down.

5 shiny LED welding

The LED lamp is soldered with a silver wire of about 0.7 mm, and all the positive electrodes are welded to the positive electrode of the heart-shaped iron ring, and all the negative electrodes are welded to the negative electrode of the heart-shaped iron ring.

There are 3 front welds and 3 reverse sides, and the colors are arranged according to preferences. The LED light emitting surface is then adhered to the small heart shape with glue.

6 Kissing little people


Two little people who kissed behind the heart tree! Everyone can use their imagination and engrave a word. I am improvising, adding some sentiments, haha.

7 lights


Ok~~~ Plug in the 3v button battery and light your attention. . . .


No coloring, white Valentine's Day, of course it is white. . .

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