Volvo C30 Induction Charging

The Volvo C30 electric vehicle is an important part of the Volvo DRIVe green driving strategy strategy. The car will be mass-produced in 2013. According to reports, Volvo officially launched a joint research project called CED (Continuous Electric Drive) and began inductive charging of a Volvo C30 electric vehicle. Inductive charging is a future intelligent solution to the problem of charging electric vehicles. The charging of electric vehicles no longer requires power outlets or charging cables. Using the inductive charging method, electric energy is transmitted wirelessly to the battery of the car through the charging board buried in the road surface. The road directly charges the car. Inductive charging solves the current electric car's charge bottleneck. The Volvo C30 electric vehicle fully charges a 24 kilowatt-hour battery pack when the battery is fully discharged, and is expected to take only one hour and twenty minutes.