US mobile phone market share statistics Android advantage expanded

U.S. mobile phone market share statistics comScore has released a statistical report on the US mobile phone market. The data shows that Google’s Android system has a share of 43.7%, and its advantage has been further expanded. On the manufacturer's side, Samsung’s handsets are still firmly in the top spot in the US market.

The statistical time period for this time is May 11 to August 11. Within 3 months, the Google Android system's share growth was 5.6%, compared to Apple iOS's slow progress, only a 0.7% increase, and the gap with Android is further expand. BlackBerry maker RIM is the worst, dropping by as much as 5%, and the outlook is not good. Microsoft WP and Nokia Saipan also declined slightly by 0.1% and 0.3%.

In terms of OEM manufacturers, the two South Korean companies Samsung and LG firmly occupy a large share of the US market, but LG has a slight decline of 0.1%. The fastest-growing Apple iPhone was an increase of 1.1% in three months.

Currently iPhone4S has been released and will be fully listed in nearly 100 countries by the end of the year. At the same time, Nokia will fully launch Windows Phone smartphones in the fourth quarter. Google Android 4.0 and Nexus Prime phones will also be released. It is expected that the competition in the entire market will become more intense.