Ultrabook energy-saving square: with memory LCD panel

Ultrabook energy-saving square: with memory LCD panel Compared to electronic ink-based energy-saving panels such as Pixel Qi, which is progressing slowly in the PC market, LG Display’s Shuriken brought to IDF has adopted another “memory” method called PSR ( The technology of Panel Self Refresh includes: The panel has integrated internal memory to store the frames currently displayed on the screen; if the display remains static, the CPU and GPU will automatically go to sleep, and even if the display is unplugged after the screen is saved Line picture content will not disappear.

However, this technology of course needs video card support in terms of energy saving. However, this cooperation with Intel's big backers naturally does not require marketing. Ivy Bridge and other built-in GPUs naturally support this technology. Intel is expected to fully promote this technology on the Ultrabook in the next two years, allowing the notebook's power to drop by around 0.5W. It seems that Intel is really trying to extend the life of the Ultrabook, what tricks are used.