Ultra-thin and deep-rooted people ---- Four fine thin art TV recommended!!!

Nowadays buying a TV, quality and price are no longer the main factors that dominate the consumer, and whether a TV can perfectly integrate into the home environment has gradually become an inevitable factor in TV selection. In recent days, LG Display sponsored the "Fine Art TV Revival Home Improvement" event, which also gathered high popularity. It advocates the adoption of ultra-thin TVs to improve the space utilization of living rooms and improve the quality of home design to actively respond to the trend of ultra-thin TVs.

Thin Art TV is equipped with LG Display's Art Slim hard screen, which is also the most sophisticated ultra-thin TV in the industry. The thinnest part achieves an astonishing 7.5mm. It is designed with an ultra-thin and ultra-light body. A wall-mounted installation that perfectly fits the wall surface maximizes the living space as much as possible, and also greatly enhances the decoration effect of the entire family. The thin, stylish, thin-art TV, with modern, simple European, Chinese, and pastoral styles of home improvement, can best meet the needs of consumers to improve their home space and enhance their quality of life.

Now TV is no longer a simple electronic product, it is an important interior decoration. According to a survey of users in China, up to 74% of consumers choose wall-mounted TVs. The ultra-lightweight design of the LCD TV not only has no special requirements for the viewing position, but is also more in line with the consumer's desire for wall hanging and also helps to enhance the living room space. Here I recommend several high-quality thin-art TVs with thin hard screens.

LG 55UF8590 55 inch 4K HD thin body IPS hard screen LCD TV

The LG 55UF8590 is an ultra-high definition intelligent LCD TV with a 55-inch LGD 4K panel IPS hard screen. It has a true 4K image processing engine and a high resolution (38402160) clear picture quality. LG's wide color gamut technology presents a broader color gamut, with more noticeable details of light and shade, and it is more realistic to see. More professional IPS hard screen, vivid colors at any angle, stable and strong and more difficult to damage. The slim, large body design integrates with the home environment. At present, in Jingdong Mall, LG 55UF8590 TV sells for 9999 yuan, and interested friends can learn about it.

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Skyworth 55G7200 55-inch 4 color 4K12 nuclear smart color TV network LCD TV

Skyworth ultra-thin TV 55G7200, this TV uses a 55-inch LGD4 color 4K thin art IPS hard screen, body thickness of 7.9mm, body back plate once formed, while ensuring structural stability, making the body more slim. The silver matt silver trim and the high-gloss silver Illusion base make the TV elegant and chic, simple but not simple. The TV screen adopts a three-layer integrated module. While enhancing the brightness of flowers, the backlight module is closely attached to the LCD module, so that the thickness of the body is much lower than that of ordinary LCD TVs. At present, in Jingdong Mall, Skyworth 55G7200 TV is priced at RMB 8,599. Interested friends can learn about it.

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Konka LED55X8900S 55-inch ultra-high definition LCD TV

Konka LED55X8900S TV, this TV also uses a 55-inch LGD4 color 4K thin art IPS hard screen, thickness of only 7.5mm, integrated metal frame through three chemical, manual, physical polishing. In addition, the backplane is made of metal wire drawing process, which is not only beautiful but also wear-resistant, fire-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Easy to clean and other features. In terms of display effect, Konka adopts original SCG super quality technology and adopts the world's highest volume original color gamut backlight components in the backlight architecture to improve color expression. The standard color gamut is as high as 114%. In the optical architecture, 3M is adopted. The latest DEBF efficient brightening solution significantly increases light efficiency, achieves energy saving and environmental protection, reduces power, and protects components. In terms of hardware, this TV is equipped with a stable ten-core one-chip TV chip, with Konka's unique 4K color wheel engine technology and H.265 hard decoding technology, it runs smoothly in large-scale applications, when playing video images, The display effect is amazing. Currently, in Suning's e-shop, Skyworth LED55X8900S TV sells for 8398 yuan, and interested friends can learn about it.

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Changhong (CHiQ) 55Q2R 55-inch Ultra HD 4K Smart WiFi LED LCD TV

Changhong CHiQ 55Q2R TV, equipped with a 55-inch LGD 4-color 4K thin art IPS hard screen, the screen resolution has reached (38402160), with brilliant screen while ensuring ultra-thin body. This TV uses a very narrow border design, can effectively enhance the visual effects of the screen, allowing users to directly visit the scene as if there is no shackles of the screen. Each of the left and right arc brackets, together with the silver trim of the TV's lower frame, makes the TV more and more elegant and fashionable. In terms of hardware, Q2R has enhanced the mobile chip module on the basis of the first generation of products. The mobile chip is clocked at the quad-core 1.8GHz, the TV chip CPU is clocked at the dual-core 1.3GHz, and the graphics processor GPUs are quad-core. Dual-core linkage enables very powerful computing and processing capabilities, making it easy to run applications and games. At present, in the Suning eCommerce Mall, Changhong CHiQ 55Q2R TV is priced at 8997 yuan, and interested friends can find out.

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Summary: Although television has gradually weakened its advantages in information dissemination, its leisure and entertainment functions have become increasingly prominent. People's demand for television is no longer limited to the color screen, and the picture quality and shape design have also become the focus of most users.

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