TV banking is expected to enter Beijing at the end of the year

Do not line up, do not have Internet access, turn on the TV will be able to transfer remittances to pay utility bills. At the China International Finance Exhibition held yesterday, the new concept of "TV Banking" made many visitors shout "convenience." The reporter was informed that it is expected that this safe and convenient self-help channel will enter the Beijing Municipal Households by the end of this year.

China Postal Savings Bank is the first national bank to launch a TV banking system at the head office level in China. The staff of the bank told reporters that TV banking is based on a two-way digital network of digital TV operators and uses cable televisions and set-top boxes as client terminals. Home banking with TV remote control as an operating tool. In theory, if a user has a cable TV and a two-way digital set-top box at home, he or she has the conditions to log in to a TV bank. "For most middle-aged and elderly customers who are not familiar with computers, TV banks are much more convenient than online banking."

According to reports, the Postal Savings Bank has started TV banking in Nanjing, Jiangsu, and Changsha, Hunan since July of this year. It is capable of realizing RMB customer account information inquiry, transfer, TV payment, credit card repayment, public utility payment, and bank product inquiry. . "In Beijing, our cooperation with Gehua and China Cable has already been under negotiation." The staff member said that the bank's TV bank is expected to be launched in Beijing in the near future.

There is also China UnionPay that has a brainwave. They introduced "smart TV payment". Similarly, with the use of two-way digital TV set-top boxes, users can use UnionPay debit cards or credit cards to "swipe" cards on their home TVs to complete utilities, gas, property, and even traffic. Payment of fines. UnionPay field staff told the reporter that if the cooperation with Gehua is successful, the system will be able to settle in Beijing by the end of the year. By then, users who have installed two-way digital set-top boxes will not need to be replaced. After the set-top box is automatically upgraded, users can enjoy relevant functions. .

Is television banking safe? The staff explained that since the digital TV's own lines and systems are relatively closed, it is more secure than the online banking. They will also adopt an auxiliary way to send dynamic verification codes to the user's mobile phone to ensure the security of the television bank.