Tianjin night scene lighting management method

Tianjin Night Scene Lighting Setting Management Regulations (Revised) [Promulgation Date] 1997.09.24 [Implementation Date] 1995.05.03 [Regulation Classification] Local Regulations [Content Classification] Others [Publishing Unit] Tianjin Municipal People's Government (May 3, 1995) The Japanese People's Government issued the revised decision on September 24, 1997, according to the Municipal People's Government's "Revision on the Administrative Measures for the Establishment of Tianjin Night Lights". Chapter 1 General Provisions Article 1 is to beautify the night view of the city, promote economic development and external Open, the city will be built into a modern international metropolis, and these measures will be formulated in accordance with relevant state regulations and the actual conditions of the city. Article 2 These Measures are applicable to the setting and management of night scene lighting in the administrative area of ​​this Municipality. Article 3 The night scene lighting referred to in these Measures refers to: (1) Night-time lighting and window decoration lighting of business units along the street (including self-employed persons, the same below); (2) Exterior lighting of buildings and structures; ) Operational advertising lighting and non-business advertising lighting; (4) Roads, bridges, and extensive lighting of public places. Article 4 The Municipal Health Management Office of the Municipal People's Government is the competent department for the setting and management of night lights in the city. The district, county and city authorities shall be responsible for the setting and management of night lighting in their respective jurisdictions. The Municipal People's Government City Appearance Management Office and the district, county and city appearance management departments may entrust the city construction management and supervision agency to be responsible for the supervision and inspection of the city's night scene lighting setting and management according to actual needs. Article 5 The departments involved in the setting and management of night lighting in cities such as electric power, municipal administration, planning, housing management, gardening, public security transportation, and fire protection shall do their professional management work under the guidance and coordination of the city management department. Article 6 The setting and management of night lights in this city shall be carried out in accordance with the principles of unified leadership, hierarchical implementation and participation by the whole people. The people's governments at all levels encourage all units and individuals to actively install night lighting facilities, strengthen scientific and technological research on night lighting, promote new technologies, new processes, new materials, new light sources, and continuously improve the level of urban night lighting setup, use and management. Chapter II Installation of Night Scene Lighting Facilities Article 7 The district and county people's governments shall, according to the city's nightscape lighting construction plan, organize relevant departments to plan the annual nightscape lighting construction plan for the administrative area, which shall be organized and implemented by the competent department of city appearance. All units or individuals must install and configure the night scene lighting and lighting facilities according to the location, form and time limit approved by the city authority.

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