Tiancanbao Lighting Xia Lei discusses the development trend of energy-saving lamps

Founded in 1986, American TCP is a multinational large-scale light source company. Mainly engaged in all kinds of high-quality energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps, inductors, ballasts and lamps for electronic fluorescent lamps, and emergency safety lights and lamps. The company is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Under the “ENERGY STAR” test laboratory accredited by the US Energy Conservation Agency, it has a high-tech product laboratory in New York, USA. It has its own production bases in Shanghai and Jiangsu, China – Shanghai Jixin Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhenxin Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fengxin Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. and Zhenjiang Qiangling Electronics Co., Ltd. It covers a total area of ​​106,000 square meters, and the factory covers an area of ​​40,000 square meters. The number of employees is 3,500, of which 10% are technicians. TCP has successfully developed more than 1,100 products, most of which have passed FCC and UL certifications in the US, and more than 80 products have successfully passed the internationally authoritative energy efficiency certification - ENERGY STAR certification . Under the leadership of its president, Ellis Yan, all employees of TCP work together to promote the corporate culture of continuous innovation and customer satisfaction. With first-class products, first-class technology and first-class service, the company enjoys a high reputation in the industry. The world leader in the field of energy-saving lamps. The reporter interviewed the US TCP (Shanghai) Tiancanbao Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. Xia Lei (CEO) to discuss the future development trend of the lighting industry. Reporter: What opportunities did the two conferences bring to China's lighting and lighting industry in 2006? Xia Lei (CEO): The concept of “energy saving, innovation and environmental protection” has been mentioned many times in the two sessions. This not only plays a guiding role in the lighting and lighting industry, but also brings great opportunities to the industry. We know that there are great irregularities in the products and markets of the lighting industry. The industry should use this opportunity to eliminate a group of enterprises and distributors that produce and sell counterfeit and shoddy products. Through continuous rectification of integrated product production and marketing markets, The operation mechanism of the entire industry can be operated smoothly and orderly. Reporter: Do you think China's lighting and lighting industry will face a reshuffle?

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