TI completes development of the AAC encoder library

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Texas Instruments (TI) announced the development of the AAC encoder library, which uses a high-speed encoding (HSE) application based on the AureusTM family of audio DSPs to achieve up to 40x CD grab performance. Significant performance gains compared to the 20x speed CD grab speed with the ATRAC320 encoder previously introduced. The ultra-high-speed AAC encoder library with 32-bit floating-point processing technology was developed at the Tsukuba Technology Center. TI's new HSE system solution can be used in applications such as small car audio equipment and mini-combination systems.

Fast and easy CD grabbing The Aureus DSP platform adds a powerful AAC library to its supported encoder list, including codecs that are widely used in all home and car audio systems. With the new AAC library, it takes about a minute and a half to complete the 60-minute audio CD grabbing. The new AAC library is compatible with the Aureus family of TMS320DA6xx and TMS320DA7xx DSPs. For MPEG4AAC LC audio (128kbps and 44.1 kHz), TI Aureus DSP achieves 40x speed grab speed.

Hardware and System Solutions Mistral Software is a member of TI's third-party network that provides system solutions for high-speed encoding applications, including encoders/decoders, drivers for various media types, file system support, and other system-level software.
System designers can take advantage of Mistral's current robust and reliable DSP system software solutions to reduce time-to-market. Solutions for audio players/recorders support CDDA, CD-ROM, DiskOnChip for Love Mode, hard drives or other media. Mistral also provides equipment manufacturers with system-level hardware design and even higher levels of support, including production-level quality control support.

Mistral's HSE EVM:
• Controls various media drivers and enables HSE recording without a microcontroller.
• Play and record a variety of media types, including CDs, hard drives, USB, SD, NAND flash, and DiskOnChip for Love Mode.
• Support for a variety of file systems, including CDDA, CD-ROM, DiskOnChip for Love Mode, hard drive, and USB.
• Various format options for compressed audio encoders/decoders, including MP3, WMA, AAC, and ATRAC3.
• Supports real-time recording of analog inputs in addition to CD grabbing.
• Flexible modular design is configured for prototyping of target systems.

High-Speed ​​Coding and Multi-Channel Processing and System Integration The ultra-high-speed AAC encoding solution works with Aureus DSP's existing multi-channel decoding solutions to meet a variety of application needs. For example, the new AAC library supports 5.1 encoding and decoding, which enables the audio server to decode the stereo source matrix into 5.1 PCM, encoded and stored in 5.1 AAC format. Encoded surround sound music can be played through a home theater system or car audio. Of course, multi-channel sources can also be transcoded and stored at 5.1 AAC. In another case, CD grabbing and compressed audio playback can also be performed simultaneously, so that the end user can enjoy the music while grabbing the track. In addition, multi-channel audio can be achieved with Dolby Pro Logic IIx or DTS NEO:6 playback audio, using post-processing with graphics equalizers, room correction, virtualizers or headphone surround sound to enhance home theater or car Surround sound in the environment. The grabbing function and sound processing can be done by the same TI DSP, helping manufacturers reduce overall system cost.

All Aureus Series digital audio processors meet the Q100 automotive standard. TI also offers a wide range of high-performance analog and mixed-signal components for amplifier-enabled audio applications, including low-power Class-D audio amplifiers, high-precision analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), and digital-to-analog converters (DACs). Rate converters, mic preamps, single-channel output and dual output low dropout (LDO) regulators, low voltage switching DC/DC converters, and supply voltage regulators.