Three tips to bring you Fun Millet TV 2S

First of all, talk about the remote control, I believe many people have this experience, after opening the millet TV 2S, lying on the sofa, or sitting on a chair to enjoy watching movies, then leave the sofa or chair to wash fruit, take a Snacks, smoking cigarettes. After watching the movie and trying to change the next one, he found that the remote controller was gone. The East turned around and looked around to get the TV around. When he found it, it was better said that it was still not found. Although it is not big, it is noisy. Now teach everyone a quick way to find the remote control. Click on the touch screen of the TV and select to search for the remote controller; at this time, the remote controller hiding in the corner of the sofa will beep and can click on the confirmation button on the remote control after finding it. How is it? Isn't it simple?

Second, how to delay the shutdown? First press the remote control's power button, turn off the TV screen, the system enters standby. In fact, the TV is not actually turned off, and some programs are still running in the background. You can restore the TV screen before standby by turning on the TV again. If you press and hold the power button on the remote control (for more than one second), the function menu will pop up on the TV 2S. Can choose to shut down, restart and delay shutdown; "delay shutdown" function is equivalent to the traditional TV "timing shutdown" function, we can choose according to need time period, that is, how many minutes after the TV automatically shut down, very practical.

Finally, teach everyone to use the millet TV 2S to connect the external sound. Seeing large movies, listening to music, and using external sound effects are more shocking. First, connect the 3.5mm jack of the external speaker to the AUDIO OUT of the millet TV. After connecting, turn on the TV. At this time, the sound from the speaker is still generated. Then you need to find out from the millet TV setting on the system homepage. Image and sound; find "Use external speaker" to set the selection to "On", ie the setting is successful.

in conclusion:

Conclusion: Learned these three tips, is not it easier to operate the millet TV 2S? I believe millet TV 2S has more operating skills, waiting for everyone to dig together.

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