The wheelchair is equipped with colorful LED lights to cool and increase the safety factor of night travel.

TetraGear is a led light that makes wheelchairs more visible at night. It can be erected on a wheelchair and can be installed in various parts. It has six colors and lighting modes. It is not only beautiful, but also effectively enhances the wheelchair travel at night. Safety factor.

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Our banknote handling machines mainly include following 

BC -30:  basic piece counter with only one UV 

BC-35: piece counter with UV MG

BC-40: value counter with one CIS, support 4 currencies, Auto recognition, multi-currency mix counting

BC-55: value counter with two CIS, support 40 currencies at the same time, serial number reading, Auto recognition, multi-currency mix counting, remote software upgrading via network

Those 4 models have similar structure, passage can be opened from reat side, easy for maintenance and cleaning

BCS-160: 1+1 pockets banknote sorter with two CIS, support 20 currencies at most, serial number reading 

Banknote Sorting Machine

Euro Banknote Sorter,1+1 Pockets Banknote Sorter,Two Pockets Banknote Sorter,Banknote Sorter

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