The TV industry competes with the bully Internet TV heavy recommendation

Internet TV suddenly emerged as the leader of PPTV

With the rapid development of the Internet, the television industry has never been short of topics. From LCD TVs to 4K televisions, from intelligent to rich content, these are telling us that the development and innovation of new products cannot stop for the moment, because stoppages indicate that Was eliminated. Nowadays, the hottest topics have been quietly unfolded from Internet TV. What are the advantages of Internet TV? Content resources and Internet video technology are their greatest dependencies.

The listing of TVs from LeTV, Xiaomi to Storm TV has attracted the attention of many users. Today, we are recommending another Internet TV - PPTV-55P! As an Internet company that started broadcasting, PPTV is on PPTV. The -50P only made a second effort after only two months of availability, and launched its new TV PPTV-55P. This new product is not only an "upgraded version" of the 50P, but also a new TV with PPTV relying on Suning and powerful. It has become another milestone on the road to Internet TV services. The sales philosophy that complements Suning is exactly why we recommend it!

PPTV-55P Internet TV Devaluation

PPTV-55P is an Internet TV, and it is also a smart 4K TV. As a smart TV, the reason why it is recognized by the market is that in addition to the traditional TV function, a huge amount of resources are also essential in the intelligent and hardware. Today's gradual homogeneity, the content is strong enough to herald the absolute control of the market, only the unique resources can better attract users, and PPTV-55P is the most important lack of resources and content!

PPTV believes that everyone knows well. Rich resources and massive video are synonymous with it, so it can be said that the advent of the 55P is inevitable.

PPTV covers almost all the popular resources of TV, drama, animation, sports, and tourism channels. At the same time, PPTV has created a self-made net play and has become a major foundation for aggregating users. Today, PPTV has 3,000 movies, 100,000 TV shows, 80% domestic TV mainstream variety shows, etc. These resources are unmatched by other brands of TV!

After the content is said to say performance, for the television, the display screen is very critical, and the display screen is directly related to the consumers' visual enjoyment. PPTV-55P equipped with LG original 4K screen, the world's leading IPS hard screen 4K professional panel, no smear screen. IPS hard screen has a unique liquid crystal molecular level conversion structure that can reach the limits of LCD technology and eliminate visual dead ends! And LG original 4K screen 4K ultra HD resolution is four times the full HD, resolution up to 3840 x 2160 Even close-up viewing is extremely clear and nuanced.

In addition, the PPOS TV operating system based on Android 4.4's deep customization is also a major feature of the PPTV-55P. It is equipped with the first "cross-interactive" interface, bringing seamless smooth experience experience to users.

At the end of the recommendation, we have to mention the sales concept of PPTV. At present, this new product will be authorized by Suning Mall. The sales model of PPTV backed by Suning can be said to be a winner! With such a sales model, we have reason to believe that. PPTV not only occupies advantages in its performance, resources, and content, but also has great enhancement in market competition. Moreover, relying on Suning's excellent services and PPTV's own after-sales service, it is believed that consumers can also enjoy better services. And experience it!

If you like huge resources, want to enjoy the big screen, like to share high-end events with friends, then you must pay attention to this Internet TV - PPTV-55P!

For details, please pay attention to Suning's E-shop:

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