The Second Meeting of the Guangdong Nuclear Power Construction Joint Conference Held in Shenzhen

The second meeting of the Guangdong Provincial Nuclear Power Construction Joint Conference was held in Shenzhen on the 16th, emphasizing the promotion of safe, stable and sustainable development of Guangdong nuclear power.

Zhu Xiaodan, deputy secretary of the Guangdong provincial party committee, and acting governor and chief convener of the Provincial Nuclear Power Construction Joint Conference, said that in the past year, Guangdong nuclear power construction has always placed nuclear power safety at the top priority, and the project construction has been coordinated with the development of the nuclear power industry. Combined with the introduction of talent training, it has achieved remarkable results.

Zhu Xiaodan said that advancing the development of nuclear power is not only a strategic measure for Guangdong Province to protect power and energy security, but also an inevitable choice for achieving energy-saving emission reduction and promoting green and low-carbon development. At the same time, it is an important part of accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading, and it is related to economic and social development in the province. Develop the overall situation.

Zhu Xiaodan pointed out that after the Fukushima nuclear power accident in Japan, the safety of nuclear power has become the focus of global attention, and the development of nuclear power is facing a new situation. He asked all relevant units to scientifically analyze and grasp the new situation of nuclear power development at home and abroad after the Fukushima nuclear power accident in Japan. It is necessary to stick to safety first, strengthen experience feedback and technological improvement, and continuously improve the safety technology level of nuclear power; "Development of nuclear power on a scale basis, extension of the nuclear power industry chain, advancement of nuclear power autonomy, and the establishment of Guangdong as an important nuclear power base and nuclear power equipment base in China."

Zhu Xiaodan emphasized that at present and in the coming period, all relevant units must strengthen nuclear power safety protection work, pay more attention to nuclear power safety management system and emergency response system construction, pay more attention to accident prevention, pay more attention to advanced nuclear power technology R&D, and pay more attention to nuclear safety knowledge Popularize publicity and pay more attention to strengthening international cooperation in the field of nuclear power security. Second, steadily push forward the construction of nuclear power projects, highlight the key nuclear power project construction, focus on solving outstanding problems in project construction, pay attention to the quality of nuclear power projects, and continue to do a good job of planning. Third, to accelerate the development of nuclear power industry, we must continue to accelerate the construction of nuclear power industrial parks, actively play a leading role in leading enterprises, continue to vigorously promote cooperation between production, teaching and research, and accelerate the exploration and development of uranium resources in Guangdong. Fourth, we will vigorously nurture and introduce talents for nuclear power, improve the personnel training mechanism, increase talents recruitment efforts, and strive to create a soft environment for attracting nuclear power personnel to gather in Guangdong. The fifth is to actively carry out international exchanges and cooperation and combine "introduction" with "going out".