The polysilicon market is implicated in the upstream and downstream markets

Polysilicon as an important raw material for photovoltaic solar cell modules, its market conditions will largely affect the direction of the photovoltaic market, China's polysilicon companies are mostly concentrated in Sichuan, but the current polysilicon industry in Sichuan has begun a large area of ​​production shutdown phenomenon, leading to the upstream and downstream market chain boom It is also deadlocked.

Since 2011, the price of international polysilicon has been falling all the way. The overall loss of the polysilicon industry is serious. In 2011, China’s photovoltaic industry was hit by the global economic crisis, the European debt crisis, and the multiple counterattacks of the United States’ double counter investigation. The domestic photovoltaic industry, which has been relying on exports to Europe and the United States, was hit hard, and the market sentiment plummeted. Some PV companies in China even face bankruptcy crisis. India also sees a double counter investigation against China's PV, and the EU is also effectively mimicking the possibility that China's PV companies will undoubtedly worsen.

Not only is the domestic PV market stalemate, but foreign multinational policies have reduced the subsidy policy for the PV industry, making the foreign PV market further difficult and affecting the import of foreign polysilicon market. China, as a large exporter of polysilicon, is bound to be affected.

At the moment when the polysilicon industry fell into a price dilemma, Yingli, which has been a price indicator for the polysilicon industry and has a low price of low prices, has once again burst into a market with low prices. Although Yingli obtained the Yellow River Hydropower 50 megawatt wafer replacement component project with the lowest bid price of 2.99 yuan/watt, relevant sources in the industry said that the price is almost at a loss. Yingli’s price is undoubtedly playing with fire, and may even involve other companies. Forced to follow suit.

Once Yingli has established this precedent, other companies want to gain a firm foothold in the market, and will inevitably have to follow suit to cut prices. The polysilicon market will usher in a period of turmoil, and at the same time, the relevant upstream and downstream industries, such as photovoltaic solar energy and semiconductors, will continue to decline. Degree will inevitably be implicated once again fell.

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