The most real and objective evaluation of the difference between the dual-core and quad-core of Mango QQ600

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Dual-core and quad-core comparison

1. The number of cores is different.
2. The same memory is 1GB.
3. Different operating systems, dual-core Android 4.2; quad-core Ali YunOS.
4. The weight of quad-core is slightly heavier than that of dual-core.
5. The same platform is Hunan Broadcasting.
6. The same color is black;
7. Four-core to dual-core resolution increased to 1920x1080
8. The number of quad-core dual-core broadcast formats has decreased;
9. There are a few differences in subtitle formats
10. Audio and video interface types are roughly the same
11. Other Interface USB Interface Four Cores Add One USB3.0 Less One USB2.0
12. Appearance on the top of the quad-core network set-top box with 4K obvious signs
13. The outer packaging is different, the quad-core is more sophisticated, and the internal products are more securely protected.
14. The same dimensions

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages

There is no obvious difference between quad-core and dual-core for temporary use. One similar product with similar price is the same. The difference is that it enhances the speed and clarity, just like 3G mobile phones to 4G mobile phones. . USB3.0, the increase in the number of nuclear and resolution increase are for the above two points of service, it is indeed a trend, choose it right, but wireless routing, network speed can not fall, or it only His hate is old, Oh!

I have been supporting the HD600A network set-top box. The first generation of the single-core I purchased one was at the Tmall flagship store at a price of 399 yuan, and the second generation was bought at Tmall flagship store and Jingdong Mall respectively. For 399 yuan, 359 yuan (year-end big promotion double 11) and 259 yuan (614 promotions), this time the Mid-Autumn in the Tmall also bought four nuclear, the postal company for the SF company, after sales and customer service are awesome, have not encountered not Happy thing. For the product data, everything can be explained. Generally speaking, there are buffering phenomena in the network transmission, but as the configuration increases, the delay time is still very obvious. Mobile phone control and remote control can also be controlled. It is not too good for the remote control to integrate the television and network set-top box into a single player.

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