The most comprehensive DJ equipment - VOXOA M70 + P50

I am DJ Xiaoqiang, who has been in the industry for many years and witnessed the changes in the DJ industry. Since the DJ software began to enter the industry and began to replace the traditional way of playing, DJ equipment is also step by step. The update, we still have to pay some learning costs while enjoying the convenience brought by the software, whether it is the understanding of the equipment or the understanding of the software operation, it takes a lot of effort. For some of the problems I received on some of the DJ's devices that were coming in, I recommend a device here and explain how to use some devices.

The brand I want to recommend is Fengsuo, because I have used a lot of Fengsuo equipment, CD player, U disk player, vinyl record player, mixing console, controller, etc., Fengsuo equipment gives me the biggest impression is Practical, compared to other brands of machine prices also have great advantages, it is very simple to get started, after-sales service is also very good.

This recommended device combination M70+P50*2, this device is very suitable for DJ friends who like to use U disk and have DJ software requirements. The convenience of U disk is recognized, maybe a bunch of CD capacity is also better than However, a U disk, fault-tolerant U disk also has a great advantage, CD often has various problems due to poor maintenance, the price above CD player and USB player is generally more expensive than 500 yuan, so it is not fanatical CD enthusiasts, I recommend the USB player, the biggest trouble of the U disk is the arrangement of the song, because the song capacity is large, it takes a lot of time to do the work of the arrangement, but the front shuttle has a TUNEBOX software is dedicated For the treatment of this problem, it is quick and convenient to arrange the songs. The specific usage methods can be found in the manual and the Fengsuo official website. I will not introduce them here.

First introduce the P50, P50 is a USB player, the mainstream features of the player, support all kinds of mainstream music formats, and only need a U disk, you can share it to two machines, save money and save The heart has wood. The button settings and feel of the machine are very comfortable to use, there is no awkward feeling, and it will not feel too complicated and too cumbersome. Compared with the other hotkeys of the brand P50, the CUE/LOOP can be stored and used as a sample sound, which greatly improves the operability. The ACP dial mode is really bright, and it will return to the CUE point when you touch the turntable. CUE point positioning indicator, master level CUE point operation can also play. In addition, the P50 can also be used as a controller. The mainstream VDJ and TK can be used. Is it more playable?

The appearance of the P50 is relatively atmospheric, and the colorful button colors add a lot of vitality to the entire machine. Overall, the P50 is a simple, comfortable, easy-to-use machine, but multiple button designs and internal system settings are also available for professional DJs. The price/performance ratio is very good.

The M70 is a digital mixer & controller with built-in four-in and four-out high-quality sound cards that are satisfying in terms of volume and sound quality. The volume is not large, so the design of the buttons is relatively simple. It can be said to be very powerful as a mixer. The four channel access modes can be connected to almost any playback device. The volume faders and cross faders are very delicate. Adjust function, both channels have FILTER sound. When used as a controller, the performance on various software is also very good. It is hard to imagine that such a simple button can be used to complete so many operations, and even four sound knobs can be set independently. VDJ, TK is of course not a problem, with the support of Ryan sound card, ScratchLive can also be used for you, if you know how expensive Ryan's controller is, I think you will be heart-warming.

Being a controller without a turntable is definitely a small regret, so we need to use the P50 together, which is the charm of this combination.

Below I will list several ways to connect to this match:

1. U disk mode disc: 2 P50 connected to M70 left and right channels, P50 connected USB cable shared U disk, you can save the trouble of making two U disk and distracting to record the song order of two U disk, M70 Used as a mixer, this connection is very simple and practical, with a lightweight machine that can be used almost anywhere, anytime.

2. Time code mode disc: M70 is connected to the computer, P50 is connected to M70, then remember to insert MP3 time code into P50, use M70 sound card driver to play time code on VirtualDJ, Traktor software, or match Rane sound card use. Time code is a very popular way of playing discs, which can make the disc show more potential. It is more flexible than the p50 disc. It is very suitable for DJ performance. Professional DJ.

3. U disk drive control disc: 2 P50 connected to the computer, M70 connected to the computer, use the M70 sound card driver and P50 MIDI file in the computer to realize the M70 provides sound card and mixing function, P50 is used as the controller, P50 is used as The function of the single channel controller is very comprehensive, which is very suitable for the DJ with high requirements on the controller function. In addition, different channel settings can be made on the two P50s, so that the P50 can realize more channel control, and the U disk control software is insufficient. It is because the mixing area cannot be synchronized with the software, so if it is recorded internally, do not use such a connection method, and the effect of the performance is not very large.

4. Mixing software and external devices: 2 P50s are connected to M70, M70 is connected to the computer, M70 sound card driver and M70 MIDI file are used in the computer, M70 is used as the main controller, and external IPAD and other playback devices can be used. The sound source access port is switched, and the MIXER/MIDI mode is switched to complete the combination of various sound sources. This connection is suitable for professional level DJs. Because the M70 control software alone can't perform the disc display, the external P50 can make up for this problem. At the same time, because of the M70's multi-access and fast switching settings, it is very simple to switch various sources.

The M70 is very comprehensive in design, and the P50 is a highly playable machine in the player. This set of equipment can adapt to a lot of occasions, no matter whether it is a novice or an experienced DJ can use this equipment to show their strength, there are more choices in the connection method, if there is an idea to start trying Just hurry, you will not regret it.

Finally, as a person in the DJ industry, I very much hope that DJ can develop this way of music to the public. Just like Fengsuo’s brand center idea, playing DJ is the attribution of this kind of music, but nowadays DJ equipment is more As the professional direction develops, it is difficult for ordinary music lovers to enter this threshold. I sincerely hope that more and more simple and interesting devices will appear in this market in the future, so that more people can enjoy this DIY fun.

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