The mainstream tablet market price

Samsung today launched the Sliding PC7 series tablet PC and the first 3D notebook RF712 in Beijing. It is expected that the mainstream tablet PC market price will drop to RMB 2,000 within two years.

The Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series is an innovative design that combines a tablet computer with a notebook computer. The touch screen and virtual keyboard can be used to slide the monitor upside down to reveal the physical keyboard.

Yang Guang, the product director of Samsung Electronics' Computer Division, pointed out that unlike other manufacturers who emphasize cost-effectiveness, Samsung is pursuing more innovative products.

The Samsung Sliding PC 7 series is 21mm thick and weighs 997g and less than 1kg. The Sliding PC 7 uses a 10.1” multi-touch LCD display with a resolution of 1366x768. The Sliding PC 7 is equipped with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and loaded with the upcoming Intel Oak Trail. platform.

Samsung Sliding PC 7 series is positioned in commercial customers, education industry, financial industry, vertical industry, corporate office and other fields, and is mainly promoted in the B2B industry.

Sliding PC 7 series is priced at 6,999 yuan. Yang Guang emphasized that Sliding PC 7 is a lot cheaper than the previous 10,000 yuan for traditional tablet computers.

With the release of Apple's iPad 2, what kind of competing products will be launched by other manufacturers will become the focus of attention. Yang Guang believes that at present, the tablet computer market is not big enough. It is expected that within two years, the mainstream tablet PC market price will drop to 2,000 yuan.

RF712 is Samsung's first 3D notebook product, using 17.3 inches FULL HD full HD resolution LCD display, support active shutter 3D technology.