The LED industry has a lot of pressure on LED companies

The three-day power expo ended successfully yesterday. In the past three days, they visited some of the companies that came to the exhibition, including high-tech enterprises and LED radio and television enterprises. In the uncertain environment, the export market has been sluggish and the domestic market has not yet been developed. This has made many companies feel that this year's survival is difficult.

In the past two years, Dongguan has focused on creating the LED pillar industry, and it has made this industry one of the strategic emerging industries that it has focused on. At the same time, it has also proposed “to build Dongguan into an internationally renowned and well-known semiconductor lighting industry base”. aims. To this end, this year's Expo will showcase the achievements of Dongguan in the LED industry. This year, for the first time, the semiconductor lighting (“LED”) exhibition area was independently established and 45 LED photoelectric enterprises were displayed in a concentrated manner.

According to the site of the exhibition hall, the 45 companies are mainly located in Qishi, Fenggang, Shijie, and other well-known LED companies such as Qinsu Optoelectronics, Delta, and Bongchen Optoelectronics. When visiting some of these companies, many business people are worried about the prospects of the LED industry.

“At present, Dongguan LED companies almost all rely on the government to purchase this road to survive and cooperate with the various towns and towns’ governments.” The person in charge of the company’s marketing department frankly stated that the government’s street lights and other types of related procurement are limited. Now, it is also trying to cooperate with the prefecture-level city government units in other provinces, but this road is also difficult to develop. "On the one hand, the environment is uncertain, and orders for overseas markets are gradually decreasing. On the other hand, Dongguan has a large number of LED manufacturing companies. The competition is very fierce, and in addition to the difficulties of corporate loans this year, the days have passed. Hard work,” said several people from the corporate marketing department who spoke bluntly.

However, related business people who already had more customer resources in the early days disclosed to reporters, “If the East is not bright and the export market is shrinking, our company pays more attention to domestic adjustment and pays more attention to strategic adjustment, such as establishing its own Brand products, in addition to taking the government procurement route, at the same time as far as possible to produce more of life, commercialization of innovative products out of the differential route, the effect is good.”