The iPhone will be replaced by Korean manufacturers in the next year.

Recently, the AMOLED terminals that are seen on the market today are basically made of Korean-made panels, Samsung high-end mobile phone tablets, LG flat-panel TVs, domestic popular Xinli brand mobile phones OPPO, etc...

At present, the global ability to mass-produce AMOLED display panel manufacturers, still only South Korean duo: Samsung display and Lejin display two manufacturers. Among them, Samsung monitors specialize in small and medium-sized AMOLED display panels, such as smart phones. LG Display specializes in large-size AMOLED display panels, such as televisions.

Apple's next-generation smartphone iPhone will begin to abandon its existing TFT-LCD display panel in 2017 and switch to AMOLED display panels. Therefore, the global related AMOLED display panel manufacturers began to compete in the development and manufacture of AMOLED display panels, hoping to break into the Apple supply chain.

Observing the AMOLED display panel manufacturer schedule, it was found that the South Korean Shuangxiong has developed AMOLED display panel technology for a long time, and continued to invest huge resources. Samsung invested 5.5 trillion won in 2016, and LG also has 4.7 trillion won.

As Apple's overall revenue in 2016Q2 decreased by approximately 14.5% compared with 2015Q2. The sales volume of its profitable main products iPhone decreased by approximately 14.9% compared with 2015Q2. As a result, Apple is eager to create a new generation of iPhone products to boost its sluggish sales. One of them is the use of AMOLED display panels, which seems to have achieved results.

South Korea's Shuangxiong has foreseen the bright future of AMOLED, so it has laid a heavy foundation in AMOLED display panel technology, and has formed an unspeakable high wall for manufacturers in other countries, such as the Taiwanese industry.

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