The fifth phase of indoor lighting products and other light source products technology application training class won the class

On March 20-21, 2010, the "The Fifth Phase of Indoor Lighting Products and Other Light Source Products Technology Application Training Courses" hosted by China Lighting Association's Indoor Lighting Professional Committee and China Lighting Association's official website China Lighting Network was held in Xiaolan, Zhongshan, Guangdong. The town town building was successfully held. More than 60 trainees from the training class are composed of lighting companies, design institutes and institutions of higher learning. Through this training, the learners have learned new technologies and ideas and improved them.

Training course opening scene

Xu Huai, executive vice president and secretary general of the China Lighting Society, gave a speech

Chen Yumei, general manager of China Lighting Network, delivered the opening speech

Mr. Ren Yuanhui in the lecture

At the opening ceremony, Ms. Xu Huai, executive vice president and secretary general of the China Lighting Society, pointed out that LED is the development direction of future light sources. At present, many manufacturers at home and abroad are developing and producing LED lighting products, whether indoor or outdoor. Lighting, the industry's enthusiasm for LED is high. Of course, this is also determined by the advantages of LED. Its energy saving and environmental protection determine that people will choose it in the future. Nowadays, LED lighting technology is also developing rapidly in the ever-changing world, so we should look at it from a development perspective. In order to better master its high-end technology, learning becomes a necessity. Ms. Chen Yumei, general manager of China Lighting Network, also told everyone that the application of indoor LED lighting has become a hot topic of concern for enterprises and users today. I sincerely hope that students can enhance indoor LED lighting in practice through systematic learning. The technological development level of the industry plays a leading role in guiding the rational and healthy development of this emerging product.

Lecturer Li Binghua (second from right) exchanges ideas with business representatives

Mr. Ren Yuanhui (first from left) is tired of answering questions for the students.

The training course invited the director of the China Lighting Society, the deputy director of the Indoor Lighting Committee, and the chief designer of the "Bird's Nest" electric appliance, Li Binghua, as a lecturer. He used the actual case to lead the use of LED in practical engineering, and it was closely linked with practice. . Another old expert of Hefa Tongyan, the honorary director of the Indoor Lighting Professional Committee of the China Illuminating Society and the expert of the China Green Lighting Project Office, Ren Yuanhui, attracted the attention of the students with their humorous and interesting lecture style, and at the same time, they were able to achieve profound and simple images. The lecturers are familiar with the characteristics of the light source, familiar with the lighting design standards, have deep and unique insights, and make an incisive analysis of the lighting products and application prospects, so that all the students present here are open to the public, and there are bursts of applause from time to time in the classroom. At the same time, the students were given more communication time during the training. For example, Ren Yuanhui teacher had almost communicated with each student.

According to the feedback analysis after the training of the conference group, most of the trainees believed that the training theme was clear and targeted, and the lecturers were able to achieve progressive, clear and vivid teaching. "I hope that the next time the organization can train more on LED illuminating materials and chip manufacturing technology. What factors affect the life of LED circuits?" Some corporate students have timely expressed their interest in the industry. The specific training content that is most needed.

Students who take study notes seriously

Open-minded business representatives

Since 2007, China Lighting Network has been adhering to the three characteristics of professionalism, science and authority. It has always been the main target of the website, striving to build a platform for industry communication and communication, leading the academic and technological advancement, and grasping the pulse of industry development. Deep service company.

In short, the development of the industry, the talents; the technical endpoints, training first.

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