The coal-fired electricity price linkage implementation plan was introduced yesterday and both rose 2.5...

On April 30, the National Development and Reform Commission announced the coal-electricity price linkage implementation plan.

According to this plan, since May 1st, the national sales price has increased by an average of 2.52 cents per kWh, aiming at solving the increase in coal prices since June 2004, the loss of some power plants, and the cancellation of the price of electricity. influences. Among all kinds of electricity prices, the prices of electricity used for agriculture and small and medium-sized chemical fertilizers have not been adjusted; whether the adjustment of residents' living electricity prices is made by the provincial government, and it is necessary to adjust the living price of residents. It is necessary to hold hearings in accordance with legal procedures to listen to the public opinions.

The National Development and Reform Commission pointed out that coal-fired power linkage is not to completely transfer the cost increase of power generation enterprises caused by rising coal prices, but to require power generation enterprises to digest 30%, in order to promote enterprises to strengthen management and reduce costs. The National Development and Reform Commission requires coal production and operation units not to use electricity price adjustment to increase coal prices. In 2005, the price of thermal coal was based on the actual price of the vehicle at the end of September last year, and the coal-fired power enterprises negotiated within 8% of the floating range. The price of coal for the newly commissioned generator set is based on the average price of the coal that is actually settled by the coal company at the end of September last year, and is determined by the supply and demand sides within a floating range of 8%. The National Development and Reform Commission stated that the regulation and control measures for thermal coal prices are one of the important measures for the state's macroeconomic regulation and control. Coal and electric power enterprises must be strictly enforced, and coal prices should not be increased beyond the prescribed range, nor should prices be increased in disguise; coal prices should rise beyond the prescribed range. To be corrected. Relevant departments of local governments should urge local coal and electric power enterprises to implement the national electricity and coal price control policies. Coal and electric power enterprises shall not stop supplying coal or stop generating electricity because of inconsistent price negotiations. The National Development and Reform Commission will examine the implementation of coal price control policies in various places.