Texas Instruments Introduces Constant Current Sunken LED Driver

Texas Instruments (TI) announced the introduction of the 16-channel constant-current sinking light-emitting diode (LED) driver TLC5942 and TLC5945 to support single-point correction and grayscale control with a single IC for high-quality video. The TLC5942 and TLC5945 drivers provide designers with superior system reliability and dynamic brightness control for enhanced resolution in a wide range of applications, such as large panel monochrome, multi-color or full-color LED displays, LED billboards and displays. Screen background lighting.

As an extension of TI's popular TLC5940 family, the TLC5942 and TLC5945 provide high-performance features such as analog and digital dimming for large LED displays through integrated ICs. The TLC5942 provides 128-step single-point correction to compensate for LED mismatches and to perform grayscale control and single-point correction through a separate dedicated serial interface port. The maximum current value of all 16 channels can be set by an external resistor. Parallel channels provide more current. The TLC5945 is optimized for video display, providing an extremely fast refresh rate and supporting a 30MHz data rate without delay, thus meeting the requirements of fast video actions such as sports events in sports venues.

The TLC5942 and TLC5945 feature two fault detection circuits that support LED open circuit detection (LOD) and thermal error flag (TEF). The LOD can identify broken or disconnected LEDs during display. The TEF can indicate an over temperature condition, that is, if the TEF shows a thermal problem, all output drivers will be turned off. After the device cools, the TEF is emptied and all output drivers are restarted.

Characteristics of TLC5942

50mA constant current sinking function

12-bit (4,096 step) grayscale control with PWM support

7-bit (128-step) single point correction function to support sink current

Up to 17V LED supply voltage

Device bias supply range from 3.0V to 5.5V

Constant current accuracy: the error range between channels is within ±1.5%; the error range between devices is within ±3%

CMOS level I/O

30MHz data transmission rate

Thermal Shutdown (TSD): Automatic shutdown at high temperatures; restart at normal temperature

Four-channel packet delay noise reduction to avoid inrush current

Operating temperature: -40 ° C to +85 ° C

8-channel LED driver

TI is also introducing the 8-channel LED drivers TLC5916 and TLC5917, which support a variety of general-purpose LED display systems such as LED signage, automotive LED lighting, home appliances, gaming and entertainment systems, and other general-purpose LED lighting applications. All of the above devices support constant current control and open circuit load, short circuit load and over temperature detection. Both devices also feature 8-bit shift registers and data latches that convert serial input data into independent channel switch control and packet luminance data.

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