Ten thousand Evo triggered a mobile office**

In recent years, the collaborative OA market has maintained a compound growth rate of more than 30% each year, and the popularization of mobile terminals such as smart phones and tablet computers has greatly stimulated the mobile office demand market. Mobile OA has become a barometer of OA development, triggering an office revolution. More and more software vendors, such as Wanhuo, Zhiyuan Software, Pan-Micro, Jinhe and SaaS, Cinderella, and 800 passengers are pegged to this seductive cake and have launched mobile OA products. For a time, mobile OA emerged like bamboo shoots, and it was a dazzling variety of types.

The variety of mobile OA products is complex and has its advantages and disadvantages. Although mobile OA is currently hot, it must be acknowledged that only a handful of mature mobile OA products are available. For business users, they are more often unclear about which mobile OA to choose. This requires an in-depth understanding of the current mobile OA market, in order to select the most appropriate mobile OA products based on their own needs.

Today, major software vendors have set sail in the field of mobile OA, and the products they launch are mixed. Take e-cology, a pan-micro mobile OA product, as an example. Although there are breakthroughs in file security and classification management, the scalability and asset management modules are very unattractive. The M1 launched by Zhiyuan has two versions of Apple's iOS and Android, and has a simple interface, easy operation, and relatively strong functions and good reputation. However, the high maintenance costs make it prohibitive. The gold and C6 look beautiful, looks like the contents of each module are very rich, detailed classification, network paging function can also be, but the weak official document function is its flawed. All of these make corporate users stagnant and wonder which one is the right decision.

But in fact, in addition to the products listed above, there is a most wise choice. Founded in February 1998, Wanhu is the earliest company to enter the field of collaborative software. Based on 13 years of successful experience, the mobile collaborative office product evo (easily held), which is launched through a leading technology and professional team, is currently The assembler of mobile OA products. Because of the deep insights into the needs of users and the accurate grasp of the industry's development trend, the unique advantages of Wan Huo evo make Smart Mobile OA a real glory.

Evo's successful innovation highlights the leadership position of 10,000 households It is well-known that mobile OA is an office revolution. It is not only an OA derivative, not an accessory of a smartphone, but a real office revolution and an epoch-making management evolution. The most important point of mobile OA is not to move OA to mobile phones, but to create new systems for mobile phones.

Furthermore, mobile OA must not only have OA capabilities but also must be deeply integrated with smartphones. This point, ten thousand evo can be described as its own way. Specifically embodied in the ten thousand evo view contacts can be combined with the call, send text messages, map services, email services and other functions, when you directly view a contact you can immediately call these functions, which can only be used as information when viewed with the PC The view is very different. In addition, the ten thousand evo release information can also be combined with mobile phone camera function, making the company microblogging and other functions can be quickly promoted. In addition, Wanhuo evo also has a message push mechanism that is not available on the PC. When new documents and document approvals arrive, they can be pushed to users through messages.

In addition, at the beginning of R&D, Wan Huo evo insisted on an idea that not only to facilitate leadership, but to liberate all employees at work, which is different from general mobile OA products. In fact, OA systems known for improving office efficiency are often limited by mobility. To break through this point, it is necessary to provide convenience for leaders and provide convenience for employees, so as to fundamentally improve office efficiency. Today, with only ten thousand evos, employees can no longer be limited by computers. Even on toilets, they can easily handle various office problems, thus completely breaking through the efficiency bottleneck in management. From the management point of view, this breakthrough in the shackles of geographical boundaries, breakthroughs in computer bottlenecks, and significant improvements in execution are undoubtedly the evolution of management and have epoch-making significance. In this sense, Wanhuo Evo has triggered an office revolution and it is not an exaggeration.

Today, the IT industry is changing all the time. If we want to be able to respond to this ever-changing competition, we must have the spirit of continuous exploration and hard work, and we must have a strong sense of innovation. Otherwise, it will be very easy. The IT industry has fallen into the "kick-off" world. With the rise of cloud technologies and mobile communication technologies, the application tide of cloud OA and mobile OA has also been surging. OA has entered a new era of cloud mobile. For many domestic OA manufacturers, the innovation of mobile OA products has thus risen to a higher level. Ten thousand households started the mobile office revolution with evo, which is not only a great impetus to the development of the industry, but also a further highlight of their own industry leadership, leading the industry to move forward quickly.