TCL TV A261 how to install third-party software tutorial

TCL A261 smart TV how to install sofa butler TV application market, a key to download and install on-demand software such as on-demand APP?
This tutorial is applicable to similar models such as the TCL TV D40 (42/48/55) A261;
TCL D40A261 series smart TV through the mall installed sofa housekeeper by modifying the TV's DNS or router's DNS, visit the official own application store to install the sofa butler 1. In the settings page, enter the network settings

Enter the main interface of the network settings

2. Select the IP settings in the WiFi network settings.

Select WiFi network settings, wired users can choose wired network settings

Take the WiFi network setup as an example, turn to the bottom, select IP settings

3. Check Use static IP, change the DNS1 address to, click OK

Take the WiFi network setup as an example, turn to the bottom and select the IP setting. Note: If the TV is a plug-in cable, use the wired network to select "Wired Network Settings", also change the DNS address to, click OK.)

4. After the IP configuration is completed, enter the App Store and you will find the big picture recommend the sofa butler. (Maybe you need to open "App Store" to try several times)

Back to the main application category, open the application store
5. Click on the free download and run the sofa butler when the download is complete.

The first picture recommendation is the sofa butler, click to enter

Click on the left side of the free download to install the sofa butler
Note for installing butler:
If you use the sofa butler to download the application, it stays in the installation state, or you are prompted to "Prohibit the installation of unknown sources."
Please turn on the automatic installation in “Settings” of the sofa butler kit, or try to plug in an external SD card and try again.

If you have questions, welcome to join the official QQ group discussion
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More exciting content in the sofa butler TV application market, come and download it!

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