TCL LCD TV black screen with sound and no sound repair

We have always said that the black screen is actually divided into categories, one is a black screen without sound, and the other is a black screen with sound. In fact, the solution to these two kinds of failures is not the same, you must be clear what kind of situation is your LCD TV black screen, in order to better solve the problem. Today, Xiao Bian took the TCL LCD TV as an example, to give everyone a glimpse of the black screen phenomenon of several models.

Model: LCD47K73
Symptoms: There is no sound image analysis and maintenance: Turn on the power, the screen is bright and it is dark. Disassemble the machine, measure the working voltage of the backlight board, and the switching voltage is normal. This phenomenon is generally a problem with the backlight board. After applying for the replacement of the backlight board, the machine is normal.

Model: LCD1526A
Symptoms: There are pictures without analysis and maintenance: boot image is normal, no sound, check the sound system is set to DK state, measurement U8, U19 normal working voltage, bus voltage and waveform are normal, doubt U7 data problems, try changing U7 posterior sound is normal.

Symptom: There is no image with sound (dark light)
Analysis and Maintenance: Turned on for a while, there is no sound, but there are dark lights, there is light that the backlight board is good, doubt the motherboard and the central control board problems, test screen working conditions, the voltage of each foot is normal, so Change center control board, troubleshooting.

Symptoms: black screen analysis and maintenance: boot sound with no image black screen backlight can be lit without screen display, detection power supply are all normal. With an oscilloscope, the TFT has a signal output, which proves that the screen may be broken. After the screen is opened, it is found that the screen power supply insurance F501 is bad, and the fault is eliminated after being short-circuited.

Model: LCD26B66 (GN21 Series)
Symptom: There is no image analysis and maintenance on the black screen: After power-on, no image is found, press the menu button to search for the station, but the remote control has no effect. Suspected memory IC problems, re-copy software, found that the fault remains the same, and then re-copy FLASH after the fault is the same, and finally found that every time you boot, there will be a Nike symbol at the station logo, the analysis may be a problem with the Nisin version, Finally, it was found that the L504 IC's L504 circuit was open and the fault was eliminated after replacement. A few black screens appear on several models.

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