TBT Coping System to Solve the Problem of China's Lamp Export

TBT notifications are generally referred to as TBT notifications issued by one country. Other WTO members provide opinions and suggestions on the content of non-compliance with WTO principles within the prescribed time limit to avoid unnecessary trade barriers. In late October last year, the National WTO/TBT Notification and Consultation Center received the notification from Korea on the development of electrical facilities safety standards K10005, G/TBT/N/KOR/120, and then handed over to the Guangzhou WTO under the guidance of the Guangzhou TBT Joint Response System. /TBT Notification Advisory Center to organize research and review of the notification.

China is a big exporter of lamps and lanterns. The total annual export of lamps and lanterns in Guangdong reaches more than 3 billion US dollars, accounting for 41% of the country. The Korean TBT notification from the safety point of view, the safety technical indicators and related test methods for the electrodeless fluorescent lamps, and IEC, ISO and Chinese standards have certain differences, such as the implementation of the standard is bound to cause China's related products to the South Korean Small trade barriers. Although China's exports of lamps to Korea account for only a small portion of total exports, the new standards introduced by South Korea will likely trigger other countries to follow similar technical barriers, thus having a major impact on the development of Chinese lighting products in the international market. .

The joint technical response system of Guangzhou technical barriers was organized and reviewed. Experts relied on science and technology, combined with the status of China's lighting industry, and based on the principles of the WTO/TBT agreement, formed seven Chinese and English comments on behalf of the Chinese government. After receiving the comments of our party, the South Korean side revised the content that did not conform to the WTO principles at the end of last year and eliminated the trade barriers it may form in the bud. That is to say, under the organization of the National WTO/TBT Notification and Consultation Center, China's TBT notification review work has played a role in resolving possible technical barriers to trade and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of related industries in China.

It is understood that this review, on the one hand, has won the initiative for China's product exports, and on the other hand has played a positive role in creating a fair trade environment and promoting China's foreign trade.

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