Taiwan government plans to invest 100 billion Taiwan dollars to support LED energy-saving lighting

On April 24th, Taiwan’s leaders visited the environmental protection and energy-saving indicators manufacturers including the power supply leader Delta Electronics and LED Epistars. This is the first time since the authorities announced the increase in electricity prices on May 15. Supporting measures for the increase in electricity prices.

Ma Ying-jeou said that the public sector will demonstrate the adoption of LED indoor lighting and incorporate LED lighting into the procurement plan for “approval of environmental protection products by the authorities. The authorities will provide NT$100 billion in loans, of which 80 billion yuan will be provided to large enterprises for the purchase of energy-saving equipment loans. 20 billion yuan will give SMEs interest subsidies to purchase energy-saving equipment with 1% interest. He also instructed the "Ministry of Economic Affairs" to develop a plan as soon as possible to subsidize the feasibility of consumers to buy LED lamps.

Ma Ying-jeou stressed that the authorities have taken the lead in environmental protection and energy conservation, including the replacement of all traffic lights with LEDs. Taiwan is the second region in the world to turn traffic lights into LEDs, second only to Singapore. The next step is to promote the installation of LED street lights throughout Taiwan. In the next three years, the authorities will invest less than 3 billion NT dollars to replace 326,000 LED street lights. And will replace the authority's exit indicator light, evacuation indicator light, fire indicator light, etc. Ma Ying-jeou said that the power-saving LED application products will be fully adopted before 2012.

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