Taigu Optoelectronics orders multiple sets of next-generation AIX G5 HT systems

On March 19, 2010, AIXTRON AG of Germany announced that soon after the company announced the launch of the next-generation MOCVD system (AIX G5 HT and CRIUS ® II), Taiwan's Tekcore ordered several new AIX G5 HT MOCVD systems. Used to expand the production of HB LEDs.
At present, AIXTRON has received many orders for next-generation equipment and is very satisfied with this.

Based on the industry-recognized Planetary Reactor® design, the AIX G5 HT combines a unique chamber structure to provide maximum wafer capacity (56x2/14x4/8x6〞) and achieves highest productivity and high quality layers at high speeds in high pressure environments. In addition, the equipment can be fully automated and has advanced production integration.

Dr. Rainer Beccard, vice president of the company's market, explained that AIXTRON is committed to demonstrating technology leadership to its customers. By using new and innovative technologies for next-generation platforms, our AIX G5 HT has a new reaction chamber design that is more productive than ever. MOCVD equipment doubles. (LEDC MH compilation)

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