Super Dismantling: Chery A3 Complete Dismantling Secret Show

This is the first time in China that the Chery A3 has been dismantled and the entire vehicle has been dismantled in detail. This move is a complete square of the media and the public, highlighting Chery's commitment to A3 quality, and the courage to dare to be the first in the world.

The dismantled Chery A3 has been driving 100,000 kilometers without interruption, and all indicators and performance have reached the design goals. After experimental testing, the vehicle before disassembly is in good condition, and the test results fully meet the relevant national technical standards. And through the disassembly and analysis of the car body and various parts, the overall wear of the vehicle is also within the normal range. The braking, clutch and engine wear and running conditions are better than expected, and the degree of wear is less than other vehicles with a general mileage of 100,000 kilometers. The only accidental damage discovered during disassembly was a crack in the center of the exhaust manifold, which was inconsistent with the component design requirements.


Engine disassembly process

The engine is the most precise component on the car and the component with the longest service life. Its technological level can represent the overall technical and manufacturing level of a car. The disassembly of the engine is the longest and most labor-intensive work in the entire disassembly process. The parts of the engine are very complicated, and there are the most parts connected to it. The connecting parts of the engine must be disassembled first. Then remove the fixed points of the engine and the car body. The Chery A3 engine is a four-point fixed type, that is, the engine is fixed in the car through four points. The disassembled engine was removed from under the engine compartment and then dismantled on the workbench. The next step is the process of disassembling the engine from top to bottom in order.

We disassembled the Acteco 2.0-liter engine used in this car from Chery's own engine factory. After dismantling, it was found that the overall condition of the engine was good, and there was almost no trace of wear between the friction pairs.


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