Strong earthquake in Japan may trigger flat-panel TV "out of stock" price increases

Strong earthquake in Japan may trigger flat-panel TV "out of stock" price increases The reporter learned from the FPD China forum hosted by SEMI (International Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Association) on March 15 that a strong earthquake in Japan will have a certain impact on the domestic flat-panel TV industry. “On the one hand, the strong earthquakes that caused the suspension of production at the Japanese plant will trigger a panic in the TFT supply chain. On the other hand, the suspension of production by major semiconductor manufacturers will result in the rupture of IC and memory parts supply chains. The panel supply chain is subject to the above two aspects. Due to the double impact, it is expected that the panel market will be out of stock globally and panel prices will start to rise, said Quzheng Consulting analysts in an interview with the China Electronics News.

Japan has a large number of panel-related supply chain manufacturing plants, including panel factories, glass substrates, color filters, polarizers, LED chips, and semiconductor ICs. The direct impact was mainly due to the suspension of production of a 4.5-generation low-temperature polysilicon panel production line for TMDisplay in Shichuan County, and a Panasonic LCD6-generation panel plant in Chiba Prefecture. The glass substrate factory Asahi Glass has a furnace in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. It is located at Shizuoka Corning's Japan's most important production base and it is necessary to repair the equipment before returning to work. The color filters Toppan and DNP have also had production capacities of 3.5 to 4 generations in Niigata Prefecture and Saitama Prefecture. But more importantly, due to large-scale power outages, production stops in Osaka and factories north of Tokyo.