Storm Technology and vivo enter strategic cooperation

The cooperation between Storm Technology and vivo is as high as tens of millions, which will provide the ultimate viewing experience for hundreds of millions of storm video users. On the Storm PC side, Storm Technology opened the "vivo720P left-eye theater" channel, click on the "vivo enjoy the ultimate image" button to enjoy high-definition picture quality. In the mobile phone storm video platform, special "vivo left-eye theater" area, allowing users to watch high-definition movie theater movies anytime, anywhere. At present, the daily average display volume on the PC of Storm Video Left Eye Technology Client is about 82 million, and the average daily mobile phone display is about 32.4 million. The strategic cooperation between Storm and vivo will benefit hundreds of millions of users.

The launch of "vivo left-eye theater" is a perfect combination of Storm's high-definition left-eye technology and vivo's "Enjoy Smart" brand culture. The “left eye button” technology is a video optimization function launched by Storm Video in 2011 and has been patented. After the left eye button is activated, the sharpness and fidelity of the screen will be greatly improved. With the launch of Storm Mirror, Storm TV, Storm Show and other projects and the launch of the new “DT Big Entertainment” strategy, Storm Technology has completely transformed from a pure network video service enterprise to an Internet entertainment platform of the DT era. The dual-gene brand of technology + entertainment has become increasingly prominent. Focusing on the smart phone field, Vivo always strives to create smart products with excellent appearance, professional sound quality, ultimate image, and pleasing experience. It also steadfastly pursues daring pursuit of perfection and continuous innovation. This is in line with the current brand concept of Storm. Together.

The two companies that integrate "entertainment" and "science and technology" have a high degree of resonance in both cultural concepts and in practice. IResearch's data show that the storm video comprehensive service ranks the first in single-day browsing time, and the comprehensive service average browsing time ranks third. The high stickiness and high loyalty brought by the high viewing time also become important for cooperation between storm and vivo. User base. In addition, the unique brand user coverage of Storm Media and the core audience of vivo's products are highly compatible. Both are mainly young people aged 19 to 30 in the first and second tier cities who are dynamic and willing to pursue technology products.

This collaboration with vivo is also an important step in Storm's "imaging marketing" strategy. In April of this year, Li Yuanping, vice president of sales of storm technology, put forward the platform-level strategy “V+ Data” for the first time at the “New Entertainment and New Image” strategic marketing conference held. Through the V+ Data platform, the 300 million loyal users have the full range of data, including the behavior path, image presentation, and interactive applications. Storm Technologies will display and upgrade multiple advantages such as user-end, content-end, technology-side, function-side, hardware-end and even future virtual reality. Through the presentation of the image, experience, interaction, sales and services, the marketing chain will be opened. The establishment of a full-chain visual data system has laid a foundation for big data for future visual marketing.

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