Special rectification video conference call Guzhen branch meeting report

At 3 pm on November 5, the Guangdong Province Product Quality and Food Safety Special Rehabilitation Video Conference was held in the provincial government auditorium. Governor Huang Huahua delivered an important speech at the meeting. Vice Governors such as Zhao Xing, Tang Bingquan, Li Ronggen and Lei Yulan attended the meeting. The top leaders of all levels of government and the responsible persons of relevant departments attended the meeting. The number of participants reached 101,233, which is the largest number of TV conferences in Guangdong Province.

The leaders of the ancient towns, Su Enming, Wu Runfu, Su Yushan, Cai Xiyuan, Lin Shaojie, and the leaders of the villages, neighborhood committees and some enterprises attended the meeting.

Huang Huahua said that the main task of the meeting is to implement the spirit of the national special rectification video conference and the spirit of the on-site meeting held in Zhejiang and Shandong, and to re-mobilize and redeploy the special rectification work in the next stage of the province. Excellent results meet the third national special rectification site meeting held in our province in mid-November to promote the province's product quality and food safety work to a new level.
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