Solar-grade silicon spot prices hit a new high in nearly two years

Bloomberg New Energy Finance's report released on March 23, 2011 shows that the price of solar grade silicon has reached a new high in nearly two years, while the component prices have fallen, which makes solar cell manufacturers suffer from the battery spot The weight of the price.

As of March 2011, the purchase price of solar-grade polysilicon and silicon wafers continued to rise. According to the Solar Value Chain IndEX (Bloomberg New Energy Finance Company) announced in March 2011, the average spot price of polysilicon reached US$79/kg. , a record high since March 2009. China's polysilicon prices are higher than in other parts of the world because of restrictions on imports and limited domestic supplies.

Wafer prices also rose. The average price of 6-inch polycrystalline silicon wafers was 3.62 US dollars per tablet in March 2011, which was 3% higher than that in February. However, the polysilicon battery price was an average of $1.25/W in March 2011, which was a decrease of 9.4% from December 2010.