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In fact, in recent years, the smart home system has made great progress and is entering the life of ordinary people at a steady pace. Of course, the development of smart home systems can be said to be a new generation of power because it is The industry is igniting our dreary life with infinite enthusiasm. It is believed that with the emergence of the smart home industry, our lives have gradually entered the era of intelligent systems. This is also the result of the increase in social productivity. People's standard of living is also constantly improving.

The development of the smart home industry includes many aspects such as smart home systems, smart security, electric curtains, and remote control homes. The emergence of these smart products is based on the development of the Internet. Of course, In order to make the smart home industry have great development in the market, the continuous improvement of its technology has a very important role, especially with the continuous growth and maturity of the smart home field, for many The brand of smart homes has already moved from the original wired model to the existing line deployment model.

Of course, both the capabilities of its applications and its ability to expand have been greatly improved. For the current use of traditional smart home systems, there are also very complicated procedures, of course, with With the continuous improvement of technology, the installation process of smart homes is being simplified step by step. In this case, it is possible to perform deployment based on existing lines, which greatly saves installation time and reduces costs. And so on, this is the most real response to the fact that the people are doing practical things.

Smart solar outdoor light with both lighting and RGB colorful lighting, can be charged with USB and solar panel. Once it has sunlight, the solar panel can be automatically charged , the charging way is very environmentally friendly. We added a USB charging way so that it can be quickly charged via the USB cable in cloudy day or rainy day.

The outdoor light is solar-sensing, it will automatically turns off when in the bright enviroment and automatically turn on in the dark.

Equipped with a detachable plastic sticker, it can be used to decorate the lawn, garden, beach... After removing the plastic sticker, it can be placed on the table as an ambient light. Waterproof IP65 makes users no need to worry when used in the rainy day.

The control software and hardware of outdoor solor light are independently developed by our company, based on two different communication protocols: 2.4G and Bluetooth Mesh.

                                  smart outdoor lamp

The remote controller is designed exclusively, using 2.4G wireless technology, The signal frequency is low and the attenuation is low when propagating in air or obstacles. Control distance is around 20 meters. Low power consumption makes the remote controller only need 4pcs AA batteries,but can be used for two years.

                                            Rgb Remote Control

The App are developed on the most advanced Bluetooth Mesh technology. "LinkupHome" App can be downloaded in the App store or Google Player, then you can control our product without any complicate steps. The App is stable, easy control and multifunctional.

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The advantages of Bluetooth Mesh are fast connect, low power consumption, no password required and Ad-Hoc Network. No need WIFI and hubs, as long as you have a Bluetooth-enabled smart phone, you can experience the smart light. When you install several smart bulbs, the self-organizing network function can make the signals free connect, break the limitation of distance. 

Product Parameters

Control distance: 20m
Product dimension: 155mm *235mm 
Material: ABS+PC
Lamp Color: 8pcs RGB lamp beads+4pcs Warm White lamp beads
Lamp Current: 15-20mA
LED Power: 0.4W(15LM)
Battery Capacity: 3.7V, 1000mA Li-battery included
Charge Mode: Solar panel and a USB
Battery Using time: 9h(by USB charge for 1.5h) , 5h(by solar panel for whole sunny day)
Solar Panel: Monocrystalline silicon
Solar Panel Voltage: 6V
Solar Panel Output: 130mA
Waterproof Level: IP65
Warranty time: 1 Year
Certification: CE(EMC,RED) ROHS,IP65,FCC

Smart Outdoor Solar Lamp

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