Slow Computer Solution

Slow Computer Solution Are you upset about the computer? First of all, the computer can realize the functions of multimedia, and there are no two major categories of hardware and software. Therefore, we start from this aspect to explain in detail the common causes of computer cards and some rare reasons: hardware aspects of processors, memory, graphics cards, hard drives, software startup items, processes, compatibility, and viruses.

Hardware is not to force a processor: As we all know, the processor (referred to as CUP) in the computer's position is equivalent to the human brain, CPU speed of computing affects the entire computer's operating speed. Of course, the problem of computer cards and slow response is not directly related to the CPU. I will talk about this later.

Second, memory: computer memory shortage led to the computer card may be the most easy to understand, why do you say that the memory caused by the computer card, slow response to be understood by all people is reflected in the former master machine. In the past, the memory price was very high. Generally, the processor was enough to save money, and the memory capacity was reduced. There was only one processor, so the upgrade often used memory sticks as the main method. When the memory was installed, the memory was low. With the addition of memory after upgrade, the overall speed of the computer is increased, so ordinary users only think that the only hardware reason that affects the speed of the computer is memory. This is an illusion created during the memory lag of computer development. (Now is very cheap, Ha, 4G memory is only about 170, remember that I spent more than 100 in 1G in early 2008 - MTOOU.INFO mu children note)

Third, the graphics card: graphics card causes the phenomenon of computer cards is mainly reflected in the large game users. And easy to cause the illusion of game users, there are two cases: The first case, the video card is big and the game performance is good. In the second case, the video card and memory are much better than the game performance. Both are one-sided and ignore the processor's relationship. The same 2g of memory, but the Celeron dual-core E3200 card, and the Pentium E5500 will not be card, replaced by X245 I am afraid that performance will be better. So the processor is the basis of the upgrade, memory and video card is the key to upgrade.

Fourth, the hard disk: due to the computer hard disk causes the computer card may be a lot of people do not understand, because this chance is almost zero, but once this happens, the card will be uncomfortable. How to say it, for example, if you use the IDE low-speed hard drive hung on the 945 motherboard, the processor uses E2200 dual-core, this time your processor processing speed is very fast, but the hard disk's read speed is very slow, which restricts The processor's play. Also, calling the Task Manager you will find that processor usage is very volatile. Some hard drives may cause serious problems due to bumps or other causes of bad sectors. This is especially true when the boot speed is very slow. I am deeply touched by this.

V. Other reasons: This cannot be listed one by one, but it does exist. Why do you say so, for example, a motherboard virtual memory technology, if the motherboard to part of the memory for graphics cards, then your actual memory is small, this time is the motherboard BIOS settings. So the above four situations are just the most common. (Expansion: Reasons for slow laptop crash in summer)

If the hard disk is replaced by a high-speed hard disk, this is no problem (If you are using IDE, I recommend replacing the hard disk with SATA. If the 5400 speed is recommended for 7200 speed, the speed of the hard disk determines its response. Speed ​​is an important parameter. If the money is not a problem, then use SSD solid-state hard drive - Mu Tong Note). If it is other cards, to consider, E1400 plus a graphics card above X240 are wasted. The principle of reasonable collocation and reasonable collocation is: based on the processor, the motherboard is adequate, the memory is suitable, and the video card looks at the game. The processor must use as good as possible, the main frequency and the second-level cache are large, support the instruction set, and the architecture is good. Players recommend AMD or I3 I5 I7 series. The motherboard must be adequate, not enough to help upgrade and maintenance. Memory is generally mainstream, some people use 4G memory this age, I can tell you in charge, if you are an ordinary user, your memory can use almost 2G when almost zero (if you are using win7 64-bit system, It is recommended to buy 4G of memory, after all, the price is now cheap - Mu Tong Note). And the memory is easy to upgrade, if the motherboard has dual channel support just fine. According to the game, the graphics card, if it is World of Warcraft, the proposed graphics card is not less than 800 yuan, the processor is not lower than I5. This is a perfect running World of Warcraft configuration, if it is enough money, then use I3 with about 500 yuan graphics card, it should also be very smooth, the computer is not a card.

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