Shenqi LED products enter the international top competition


Alto's LED products are on the "World Football League Cup".

Last night, the World Cup in South Africa was opened, and fans from all over the world welcomed the carnival. Shenzhen Alto Electronics Co., Ltd. (referred to as Alto Electronics) also ushered in a glorious moment of enterprise development. Its self-developed and produced LED display debuted in 10 venues of the World Cup in South Africa, not only carrying the World Cup. The advertising function is the most beautiful background and scenery for the football players on the field.

According to the reporter's understanding, this time Alto Electronics beat many famous LED manufacturers in the world to successfully win the World Cup in South Africa. Thanks to its superior system performance and technological innovation advantages of independent research and development of LED products, it is a full-color LED specially developed and produced for stadiums. The display screen adopts the world-class "point-by-point correction technology", the refresh frequency is higher, the display image consistency is better, and the accurate color gamut reduction function is available. This LED display control system was held in South Africa in 2009. The "Football League Cup" was used on all the fields and achieved very satisfactory results. It won the recognition and recognition of the South African World Cup organizers and won the bid. According to the relevant technical personnel of Alto Electronics, the 2,300-square-meter LED full-color display specially designed for the 10th World Cup in South Africa was installed around the competition field and surrounded the entire football field for one week, sponsored by all the advertisers participating in the World Cup in South Africa. Provide services

1.  Display, touch screen, PC system integration slim design 

2.  Using the projected capacitive screen, supports 10 point touch, handwriting and multi-point gesture;;

3.  Pure flat , Aluminum alloy + sheet metal structure ;

4. Flexible configuration, with many options of different RAM/SSD/HDD, supports OS of Android/windows/Linux etc.

5.  High safety; Stable performance:

6.  Simple installation for embedded/desktop/wallmounting

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