[Sharing] Teach you how to open the factory mode and install the software for each smart TV!

TCL does not need ROOT to bring its own system to lose weight

The software that comes with the machine system is often useless. Normal deletion and deletion do not, it occupies memory, then only root, but root is easy to crash. Now that you introduce a piece of software you don't need root to delete something that you can't delete. software download:
Instructions for use: TCL42E4500A use process


TV set up, open, one touch experience

The following is the key, how do not use root, slimming for TV software machines

1. Click on the upper left shield

2. Click to avoid ROOT boot. During the boot process, the machine will install a bug patch system and follow the instructions to install it. (My TCL TV installed a package installation system and setup system)

3. Open the ROOT-free boot, click on the system software to uninstall, delete the software you do not want to delete, and pay attention to choose

4 to see if it is deleted, if you delete the wrong, you can recover in the recycle bin

Hisense TV's various problem solving tutorial

Since the smart TV standard is not uniform and learning and use are very complicated, here I will summarize and sort out the problems that we often encounter. I hope to help everyone.

Q1: How does Hisense TV enter the factory model?

A: Use the remote control to select the menu, enter the sound settings, select the balance, and then enter 0532, you can enter the project mode, and Hisense TV is so enter.

Q2: How does Hisense's VIDAA series and EC630JD enter the "factory menu"?

A: Connect the wireless keyboard, the remote control press Settings - Sound - Select to "Sound Balance", press the keyboard number 1969 (note that you can not use the keypad to enter) - After the 'M' - press the right of the keyboard "WIN logo" or remote "Menu" (menu) button, the factory menu appears.

Q3: How does Hisense Smart TV install third-party software?

A: It can be based on: http://bbs.shafa.com/thread-213600-1-2.html

Can also be used to download a small Y game. Then download the desired installation apk to the U disk and insert the U disk into the box for installation.

Q4: Misinstalled software, Hisense TV can not enter the system, how to repair?

A: 1. First download the corresponding upgrade program.

2. Find a clean u disk, copy the downloaded upgrade program to u disk.

3. TV, AC off. Put u disk in usb3, hold down the "Settings" button to AC boot.

4. Go to "Upgrade, please wait..." About 20 minutes, the system is repaired. Restore factory settings.

Q5: How Does Hisense Smart TV Clear Media Center Playback Records?

A: Press the green button (media center), select my device, enter all devices, select the U disk you want to delete the content, press the remote control information button (i button) to select the hidden content, confirm it

Q6: How to distinguish the authenticity of 4K TV

A: You can use a mobile hard disk to copy a 4K source plugged into the USB port of the 4K TV. The first is to see if it can read normally, and the second is to see if the transmission is smooth.

Q7: How to watch TV programs on Hisense Smart TV without a set-top box

A: You can download Taijie Video, VST All-In-One, TV Cat from the sofa market: http://app.shafa.com/, and install and open, you can watch live!

Q8: Why am I playing 3D video and the 3D button on the remote is useless? I played the remote A from the ES file manager: 3D video in my brain hard drive and found that the picture was left and right. Pressing the 3D button on the remote control did not respond.

A: Can not achieve these functions, put 3D movies, only through - my media - open the video file you can press the 3D button, network sharing player card this is normal, it is estimated that the system or hardware problems

Q9: There are several softwares installed on Hisense TV. The TV will jump out of memory, but I also insert the SD card. How can I put the software on the SD card?

A: 1. The TV cannot select the storage location when installing the software. There is currently no way to achieve this.

2. After installation, the software can be transferred to the SD card, but there are restrictions but some software can be transferred. Specific methods: enter the settings == application == downloaded applications == you want the application security OK into the software details == there is a 'move to SD card' function, (some software this function is gray can not choose , the instructions can not be moved, some are optional instructions can be moved.)

Q10: The installed software is in my application. It is very troublesome to open each time. How do I add the software in my application to the homepage?

A: 1. Turn on the TV and press the Home button to launch the Android system homepage.

2, choose to press OK to enter my application

3. Select the software to be added to the homepage from left to right in my application, and then press the menu button to pop up the options. You can choose to add to page 4 and page 5. Generally choose the fourth page. Press OK.. Then press Back,

4, enter the home page, press the right key a few times, enter the fourth home page. Your application is here. You can also delete the homepage icon here. Just like the above method, there isn't much to say here.

Q11: Some software installations cannot be used. One installation prompts an error in connecting to the server.

A: Software compatibility issues, compatible with the TV system Android firmware, this is unavoidable, unless specifically developed for your TV test.

Q12: After the wireless mouse and keyboard are plugged in, the input area of ​​the input method is gone and can only be entered through the wireless keyboard (previously it could be entered with A: the mouse points ABCD~~~, and now there is no). Change how to set ah?

A: Try switching with "shift+space". If not, try another Baidu input method.

Hisense TV enters the factory mode method Brush:

Hisense TV enters engineering mode method.

With the remote control selection, menu - sound settings, select the balance, and then enter 0532, you can enter the project mode, Hisense TV is so enter!

Hisense TV 4.0 system ROOT detailed tutorial

The following is a ROOT TV list that users have tested

Hisense LED39EC600D3D

Hisense LED46K3603D

Hisense LED40K3603D

Hisense LED39K6103D

Hisense LED48k3603D

Hisense LED42K3603D

Hisense LED46K360X3D

Today, someone asked about the benefits of ROOT. Then I have a good point in the popular language, not a professional term:

If the TV is an Android system, there will be a lot of software and games you will not use after you buy them. These will occupy the space of the memory of your TV, and you will be prompted to fill up when you install other software, or When the software is running, it indicates that there is no free space on the current screen. This gives you the problem of not being able to install the software you need. If your TV system is authorized to obtain the highest authority, then you can delete these useless software and release it. Some of the space comes out so we have to do ROOT, which is to authorize some tools, such as pea pods, 91 assistants, 360, and some tools to uninstall software. If the TV system passes ROOT, these tools can be authorized as the highest privilege and can be read, written, and controlled.

My TV Hisense LED46K3603D ROOT success, the following is the preparation

First, the preparation steps:

1, to prepare a wireless router, the router through the network and computer connection, and then enter the back of the router's IP address, enter the user's password and you can enter the settings interface, Internet settings to see the home network environment, is a static IP, or dial-up Internet access, How to set up Baidu is very simple, and then enter the wireless option can be opened (if you need to set a password, please select the encryption)

2. The TV is connected to the wireless router and the computer is connected to the wireless router.

3, check the TV's wireless IP, system settings - network settings - network details, see the TV's IP

3, download ROOT tools on the computer

Second, prepare ROOT

1. Unzip the downloaded ROOT tool on your computer

2, open the ROOT tool folder on the computer, run root.bat, enter the wireless IP of the TV just checked, all the way back to the end

3. After the ROOT is completed, the TV will be automatically restarted to see if there is a superuser icon. If there is evidence that ROOT is successful

Third, ROOT can be used to connect pea pods after the success, to delete some unused software, you can also use other software

Fourth, delete the system comes with the software

ROOT tool download:


Skyworth TV installation application method

Using the own task manager and changing the application name method:

1. First enter the TV application store interface, there is no ES file browser in the mall (if you have ES file browser, you can ignore this step, use method 2 is more simple), feel free to find a software download; such as: Tang poetry and song (Here to find a small application for convenience).

2. After downloading, do not click Install. Unplug the SD card to access the computer. The downloaded software on the TV (Dang Shi Song Ci) will be found in the download_cache folder on the SD card. For example:

3. Download a software that you want to install on your TV. Such as the ES file browser.

4. Change the name of the software you want to install to the software name downloaded on the TV. If you change the ES file browser to the software name of Tang poetry and song, delete the Tang poetry and song software and put the changed ES file browser software into the software. Download_cache folder.

5. Connect the U disk to the TV. Find Task Manager Open

At this time, the downloaded TV shows the previous Tang poetry. However, after clicking Install, it is actually installed as an ES file browser (as shown below).

After installation. To my application, ES file browser has been installed successfully.

You can use the above method to install the application.

Skyworth TV processing brick method:

Today, I’m talking to everyone about TV tiles.

1. Use the remote control to touch the screen (or close the screen with a flashlight). Click the "Set" button, press 3 down to "Advanced Settings", and press the 3 down button to "Backlight Adjustment". Brightening the screen At this point, you can easily operate the following steps: Select “Scene Mode” and exit. Then enter the factory mode and select “LGLC420EUN_SDF1” from the “Provisioning Screen”, confirm and exit, and shut down.

2. In the case of turning off the power supply, perform the upgrade steps 1. Prepare 4G and the following u disk in advance, format it as fat32, and copy the upgrade file in. After the file is decompressed, place the upgrade_loader.pkg file in the USB flash drive. Do not use the file. Clamp) and 4. Insert the u disk (No. 1 usb, No. 2 idle) (U disk light will be on), turn off the power after about 3~6 seconds. Wait for 10 seconds and turn on the power for the second time (the u disk light is flashing), and it is completed in about 2 minutes.

If the above method is still not enough, only after-sale service is provided.

Skyworth TV Brush tutorial

Brush tutorial (easy 6 steps):

1. Prepare 4G and the following u disk in advance and format it as fat32. Copy the upgrade file into it (after extracting the file, place the upgrade_loader.pkg file in the USB flash drive.

Do not folder)

2. Shut down with remote control

3. Shut off the body power

4. Insert the u disk (usb on the 1st, free on the 2nd).

5. Open the body power (wait for more than one minute, if there is a warning light until the light does not flash)

6. Turn on the remote control (wait for it to turn on automatically, for about a minute, then turn off the u disk after it lights up, if it is slow, it is estimated 3-5 minutes)

Skyworth Flat TV enters the factory model summary:


Reset can solve the problem: 1. There is snow noise, not to receive Taiwan (most common) 2. Color cast, bad image. Press the "Menu" button on the factory button and press the "9", "7", and "8" buttons on the remote control in sequence to enter the factory mode. Software and EEPROM information appears on the bottom left of the screen. Press the remote control. "Menu" button, the image menu appears, reset: Press "Frequency in Num Key / Item to enter the number with the remote control / 748 Initialize EEPROM

2. 8DA5/8DA2/8DD1

Reset can solve the problem: 1. Color cast 2. Huaping (most common) Press “Volume -” on this unit to reduce the volume to zero. Before the volume menu disappears, press “0755” on the remote control in turn. The factory menu appears on the screen and you can enter factory mode. Select the second item in the factory menu CLEAR EEPROM, press the volume increase key to clear the EEPROM; a few seconds later, the screen will appear at the top left of the reminder reboot your system; Tip, then turn off the power and then open to complete the clean-up;


Can solve the problem: Huaping, color cast, dark and hold down the panel "volume down" button (the volume is reduced to 0), press the remote control "display" button at the same time, reset: at the factory home page select / option / reset to initialize

AC shutdown exits factory mode

4. 8M20

"Volume minus" key (the volume is reduced to 0), press the remote control "display" button at the same time, you can enter the factory

Select EEP Reset in Factory Mode / EEPROM Initialization of Memory

5. 8M21

To reduce the volume to zero, press and hold the "Volume -" of the unit and press the user's remote control

Into the "display" button, you can enter the factory mode, reset the selected Product_Clear EEP, press the "volume +" wait after the emergence of the OK, and then must power off

6. 8M68

Press the volume down to 0 and press the remote control's "OSD" button. Select / Others / Reset / EEPROM initialization, press "OSD" button to exit the factory menu.

7. 8M81/8K81 Hold the TV panel down to 0 and press the remote control's "OSD" button to select / other settings / reset / EEPROM initialization

8. 8M60: Press and hold the TV panel volume to 0, and press the “On-Screen Display” button on the remote control at the same time. Reset: Select item 8 of the factory menu to enter, then select the third item in the factory menu, select YES, and press OK.

9, 8TG3: Enter the factory mode, press the remote control mute four times, four screens, you can enter, reset the reset data to 3,11, exit: AC shutdown.

10, 8TP2: Enter the factory mode: Press the remote control "Volume -" to 0, and then quickly press the number key on the remote control "781215", a blue factory menu appears in the upper left corner of the screen, exit: AC shutdown.

11, 8TP5/9: Enter the factory mode, press on the remote control: "timing" "screen display" "menu" to enter

The first bit reset:

12, 8TTM/K/N/0/J, etc. enter the factory mode: press the "volume-" to 0 on the panel, press the on-screen display key on the remote control at the same time to exit; press the screen display key to enter the aging mode, press "Volume-" to 0, press "Still" at the same time, exit: press standby.

13, 8TR1/8TR2 enters the factory mode, according to the remote control "timing" "screen display" "menu" can be reset: press the button board "volume +", then AC boot, 15 seconds to release can be complex ( Can solve the dark image, do not save Taiwan, image color and other faults).

14, 8DA8 enters the factory mode, according to the remote control "volume -" to 0, continuous input "0707" can be, select the second item in the menu for reset, exit; AC shutdown.

15, 8K60 enters the factory pattern, presses the menu (+) three alternate keys to enter the factory pattern, resets: Selects in the menu the white parallelism and the adjustment may reset.

16, 8 TT6 enters the factory mode, presses the key board control menu key, at the same time exchanges turns on, then. Reset: The last item in the selection menu is Reset.

17, 8TT3/9 enters the factory mode, the key control panel "volume-" to 0, at the same time according to the screen can be, reset: In the factory mode, press menu to find EIPROM

ADJUSTAGE:00,ADDESS:10,VALE:03. Then switch off and reset.

18, 8TAG into the factory mode, press the screen on the remote control four times, two can be muted

19, 8M10 enters the factory mode, the key board "volume -" to 0, press the screen display, enter the burn-in mode, press the "Volume -" to 0 on the surface control board, press the alternate key.

20.8K60 Press menu key + alternate key (three times) to enter the factory menu. Page 9 EEPROM initialization: EEPROM data initialization, need to restart

21. 9G10 reduces the volume to 0, the volume down key on the key control board, and presses the OSD key at the same time to enter the factory menu.

Initializable: Enter the factory Press the "Alternate" on the remote control Select "Option Configuration"/Clear

22. 8R01 enters the factory mode: Press “Timer” and “Screen Display” in sequence. Reset: Press the “Menu” button control panel, and then turn on the power to reset (the EEPROM data is cleared, including white balance, save data).

23, 8M19 into the factory mode: press "Volume -" to 0, while pressing "screen display." In the factory menu directory, press the right key to go to the next page and press the screen display to exit. Enter Aging Mode: Press "Volume -" to 0 and press "Alternate".

24, 8PS5: Enter the factory mode: Press "information" "enter" "mute" in turn, select RESET (factory reset) to reset.

25, 8H06, enter the factory mode, press the "volume-" to 0, at the same time press the "display" on the remote control to start the machine SEVILE, and will always be in this state, press a menu key, and press "channel +" Can enter.

26. 8H01

Press “Digital Multi-Selection Key” on the remote control to switch the number of digits to three-digit number, press and hold the “Menu” button on the TV panel, and press the three keys of the remote control, 9, 7, and 8 in sequence , you can enter the factory mode.

In factory mode, press the "Menu" key and "Channel plus" key in sequence to exit the factory menu

27. 8DA6

Press “Volume-” on the remote control or this unit to reduce the volume to zero. Before the volume menu disappears, press the 0707” key on the remote control to select Clear EEPROM in the factory menu Increase the key to clear the EEPROM; after a few seconds, there will be eeprom init on the top left of the screen.

Finish, pls power down;;

28. Press the volume of the 8M01/M10 series to 0, and press the "ON-SCREEN" button on the remote control at the same time to press the "ON-SCREEN" button.

29.8M49 movement into the factory menu Press and hold down the TV panel volume to 0 Press the remote control's on-screen display, select SPECIAL SET on the home page, under the "Software Update (USB)" column, there is "Resetting...", that is reset

30 8A05/8A02 Movement The volume on the TV is reduced to 0. At the same time press the “ON-SCREEN” button on the remote control to enter the factory mode. The factory menu password is 123456.

Changhong TV enters project menu method

Enter the project menu, the risk is greater, please be sure to take care not to modify the parameters. The consequences are your own!

In the past, the older model entered the project menu by pressing the menu under the TV player interface (TV) and entering the menu after entering 0816.

The latest model, such as the C5000, enters the project menu by clicking on the toolbox and the toolbox menu comes out.

Changhong smart TV project menu analysis tutorial:

What is a menu? Ah, actually I wouldn't explain it anyway. It's the factory menu.

Since the smart TV is based on a large android system, each part is related to each other, so there is a great chance of some minor problems. At this time, we may not be able to solve this problem. You can use this factory menu at this time.

Below I put together some of the frequently used factory menu options to make a summary, hoping to help everyone.

The first time you use a friend may ask how to open the factory menu? See above for details

First, open the factory menu. This is the content of the first page. Below are two different types of TVs that represent the factory menu options for Android 4.0 (4.2) and Android 2.2.

The first line is the TV firmware version, you can see your own firmware version, model and other information, generally used to find new firmware or motherboard upgrade

The second line is the release time of the TV firmware itself, not the upgrade time.

The third line factory menu directory press the left and right keys to switch

The fourth line TV model, this is the left and right buttons can be adjusted, this model represents your TV's own model or series. If there is no problem

Must not adjust! If you can't compare with your TV model or series, you can adjust it at this time.

The fifth line of screen parameters, the TV's own model or series containing screen parameter information must not be adjusted if there is no problem.

Some TVs will be screened after the upgrade or the first time they are newly opened. When the screen is turned on, the screen parameters will be wrong.

To adjust the screen parameters. Everyone can go to the forum to find their own TV screen parameters.

Others are generally not used, and they should not be disturbed.

Second, this option is generally the option you will see on page 3-6.

The first line of EEPROM initialization is similar to a computer motherboard's brush BIOS. Do not use often!

The second line clears the network activation of some friends TV can not be activated (basic for the old 2.2 system friend is more practical, the new system is automatically activated), or the first

This option is used when booting into the App Store to download a program that requires a username and password.

The third line of application cleanup ROM does not move, clearing installed applications and cached data.

Some friends can not activate the TV, or the first time you boot into the app store to download the program requires a username and password, you can press to clear the network

Live and then EEPROM initialization This time the TV will automatically turn off the boot, generally this will return to normal.

Third, the general options in the last few pages

The factory chose this piece of the general situation not to adjust

The first picture some friends posted to ask what is the use of the three options, this three options for our average user, no use, do not arbitrarily change.

In the second figure, when some nonstandard applications or incompatible applications are frequently installed, the TV may crash or some other program may stop running. This option can be used at this time. If you can't solve the problem of restoring the factory value, you must first perform application cleaning and then initialize the EEPROM. Basic OK

The third picture has some televisions and some televisions do not. Do not tangle.

Fourth, continuous update

There is a risk of data changes in the factory mode. If there are no major bugs in the TV, don't change it. Be careful to reduce the size of the blackboard.

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