Shanxi Shuozhou: Wire and Cable Quality Qualification Rate 72%

Wire and cable are important products involving personal and property safety. Inferior quality wire and cable not only consumes a lot of limited energy in the country, but also poses a threat to people's lives and property. Recently, Luzhou City Bureau of Industry and Commerce conducted a random sampling inspection of the city's wire and cable market and commissioned a quality inspection institute in Heze City, Shandong Province. The monitoring sampled 25 batches of samples, and tested 18 sets of qualified samples with a pass rate of 72%.

The spot check was conducted in accordance with the national mandatory standard GB5023-1997 "PVC insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750V", for crowded insulation, conductor resistance, insulation thickness, insulation thinnest point thickness, 70°C involving personal safety. Insulation resistance, immersion voltage test, and pre-aging tensile test were examined.

According to reports, unqualified items are mainly concentrated in conductor resistance and insulation thickness. The relevant national regulations clearly point out that copper wires in electric wires and cables should use electrolytic copper, and unqualified products manufacturing enterprises must use regenerated copper and have too high impurities. Conductor resistance is seriously exceeded. Excessive heating of electric wires, in addition to susceptibility to fire, also consumes large amounts of national energy.